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Kelly BrelandKelly Breland
support team secrets

How to build an efficient customer support without spending a fortune

Every day we receive dozens of reviews coming from happy clients. And most of them emphasize how helpful/prompt/patient/dedicated our support team is. It’s true: our customer care team is a huge point of pride for us.

Andrew ZarudnyiAndrew Zarudnyi

How social media signals impact your SEO results

Have you ever wondered if the social likes, shares and comments your website content gets play a role in improving your ranking positions? In this post, we dive into the questions of how social media affects SEO and how you can optimize your social media sites for SEO benefits.

Stasia AvetysianStasia Avetysian
voice search seo

All you need to know about voice search SEO

32% of people aged 18-64 use voice search daily. It’s too many people to ignore, so to make them find your website online, you should optimize it for voice search properly. This post is all about voice search from what it is, to who needs to focus on it, and how to optimize your site to get found.

Kristina GreenKristina Green

Analyze your SE Ranking data with the power of Excel!

Did you know there’s a way to get up to speed with the latest SE Ranking statistics without having to leave Excel? We have paired up with Seotools for Excel, an Excel-plugin, which offers a tailored “Connector” for all SE Ranking users.

Kristina GreenKristina Green
SE Ranking updates July August

SE Ranking updates: July-August 2018

+1 new databases in the Competitor SEO/PPC research, service localization, updates in the reports, API, Web-monitor and other tools in the last summer release.

Arsalan SajidArsalan Sajid

Why is SEO for startups so crucial?

Bearing in mind that many internet users never scroll past the first page of their search results, SEO truly is any startup’s best friend when it comes to establishing an online reputation.

Stasia AvetysianStasia Avetysian

Rank tracking challenges: SE Ranking results vs personalized search

This article aims to explain the reasons behind this phenomenon and give you recommendations on how to make Google give you non-personalized search results.

Kristina GreenKristina Green
200K users in SE Ranking

Celebrating 200 000 users in SE Ranking!

We’ve got 200 000 SE Ranking users! Yay! Thank you everyone who ever tried and used our tools – your loyalty and support get us going.

Stasia AvetysianStasia Avetysian
how to do SEO for bars and restaurants

5 vital things to know about local SEO for bars and restaurants

Local SEO is critical especially for the brick and mortar businesses that want to be visible online. It’s precisely what you need if you own a bar or a restaurant and want people to find you on Google. These 5 tips will help you get things going for promoting your place in a local search.