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Kristina Green

Webinar “The intelligence and drive behind SE Ranking” [Video]

You've asked about it and we've developed it for you — a detailed presentation about our most sought-after features showing you all bells and whistles of our SEO platform.

Kristina Green

Spy on your competitors: discover their SEO and PPC strategy

Business has always been and always will be about outrunning your rivals. To beat the competition you should spy on every marketing action your competitors are making from search rankings, to new content, to advertising strategy.

Kristina Green

The ecommerce trends for 2017 that can help you attract more customers today

Amazon has 40% share of the global online shopping market. Not only a smart pricing strategy allowed them to achieve such results, but also the fact that they are already offering their customers unique type of services that will be indispensable in the future.

Kristina Green

Page changes monitoring: 3 steps to complete control over your website

According to statistics, 72% of the changes that were made on the website affect its SERPs rankings. And not always for the better. Let's evaluate some real life cases, to see the impact of such occurrences.

Kristina Green

SE Ranking is trending on Product Hunt!

It’s a great time to be a maker. We enjoy it every day, seeing more and more companies improving their SEO with SE Ranking. And today we were featured on Product Hunt — a platform for product-loving people to share and geek out about the latest mobile, web, hardware, and tech creations.

Kristina Green

Happy holidays for all SEO bros!

Let's be honest — 2016 wasn't easy. Google released yet another mobile-friendly update which gave an additional ranking boost for mobile-friendly websites and destroyed the SERPs dreams of others. People got trust issues thanks to fake news in Facebook and fake short reviews on websites.

Irina WeberIrina Weber
IMG_2016-11-08 16:21:15

Google Featured Snippets: how to jump above SERP’s TOP

Google's Featured Snippets are amazingly powerful. They are present in ⅓ of the search queries and can significantly improve results from the organic traffic, leading to a 500% increase in sessions and up to 600% increase in revenue! So we need them badly. But how we can get them?

Irina WeberIrina Weber

Life after Mobilegeddon or how to get 48% of mobile clients

According to Koozai research 45% of businesses saw ranking changes from Google Mobile-Friendly update. And many of them lost their positions. But there is another side of the coin. Smart Insights analyzed that 48% of consumers use mobile search. Therefore, the search engines took mobility to the TOP of site ranking factors.

Irina WeberIrina Weber
seo monster

5 SEO-monsters you can’t hide under your bed

Halloween is here! And so are the monsters in all looks and sizes. Some of them are really scary and can destroy everything we've worked for. Website's rankings and traffic, for example. Check out our rating of SEO monsters you should be afraid of – on the scariest night of the year and beyond.