SEO Strategy
Dec 29, 2020

Summing up 2020: how the shift toward local and online shopping transformed SEO

2020 has turned our world upside down. To understand exactly how all of the changes we faced impacted SEO, SE Ranking reached out to 10 experts and asked them to answer 5 questions about 2020’s SEO trends. Find out how the shift toward local and online shopping impacted SEO, which new Local Pack features we can expect according to our experts, and which SERM best practices can help you win over the customers.
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Google SERP
Apr 03, 2020

Crafting your brand SERP—best practices from Jason Barnard, THE Brand SERP guy

Your Brand SERP is your business card, and you need to make it look as good as possible. In this blog post, based on the webinar with Jason Barnard recently hosted by SE Ranking, you’ll find the answers to questions like: Why tracking your brand name is crucial for your success? How to measure Brand SERP quality? And what can you do to improve your on-SERP brand image?
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SEO Strategy
Dec 09, 2019

Is negative SEO still a lethal weapon in SEO wars?

Staying at the top of the ranking ladder is tough, especially if your competitors try to throw you off the ladder by resorting to negative SEO methods. Learn which nasty tactics your rivals may use, how to protect your website from negative SEO attacks and how Google handles issues of the kind.
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