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Keyword grouper

Advanced tool for quick and precise keyword grouping

Why you need it

  • Segment keywords for further distribution across your website
  • Plan the SEO architecture of your future website
  • Use it for PPC grouping in order to get higher quality score and save money on your advertising campaigns

What are the benefits

Save time!

And a lot of it. Working with thousands of keywords manually can take hours if not days. The system completes this task within minutes.

Eliminate mistakes

When you group keywords manually you can make a lot of mistakes. The various combinations of synonyms, close-meaning and thematic words have to be taken into consideration which creates confusion and lead to incorrect grouping. Our tool does the job quickly and almost error-free.

Get highlighted keywords from the SERP

Keyword Grouper helps you to extend your semantic core with new keyword variations with synonyms and close-meaning words. Then you can add the keywords that are defined as close synonyms or as same-meaning words - the ones bolded by Google in SERP - to your title and description tags. Better SEO - better positions for your site.

Сheck search volume on the fly

Use an optional feature that allows system to check search volume for the clustered keywords. Knowing search volume helps you prioritize the keywords at once with no need for an additional checking using other tools.

Flexible grouping options for the best result

Choose country, location, language

Take into consideration the language and regional differences while grouping keywords.

Select clustering settings that fit your needs

Define the minimum number of matching URLs and clustering method. The higher the accuracy the less search queries will be added to one group.

What data comes available as a result

Grouped keywords

The name of the group will be the keyword with the highest search volume (if you decided to check search volume or provided it to us manually). If there is no search volume - the group will be named after the first word defined for this cluster.

Search volume

While using Keyword Grouper you have 3 options to choose from:

  • allow our system to check search volume ( this will increase price by $0.001 per query
  • manually enter it in the system;
  • choose not to check search volume.

Highlighted keywords

List of hilghlighted keywords by Google is coming for each keyword. Use it for extending your semantic core or for deeper understanding of SERP results.

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Keyword Grouper is available as needed and is not included in the pricing packages. You must have an active subscription and fill up your balance for the amount of money you plan to spend on clustering.


Cost for one query


Cost for the search volume check for one query

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Making your (and your competitors) positions painfully clear

I think it’s awesome you can see not only your own organic positions, but also the positions of your main competitors. This keeps you on your tows, and makes it clear which keywords require additional work. Also, the function to check the ads of competitors is very useful. Sometimes you get some inspiration of their (bad) adds.

Evjatar Werker
Online Marketeer, PeterPrint
One of the best SEO keyword ranking software I have used

The best feature of SE ranking software is the accuracy of the local SEO keyword rankings. I also like the powerful reporting feature and that I can recheck keywords live again. I have tried about 10 different types of paid and free SEO keyword ranking software like MOZ, SEO PowerSuite, Cuterank, AnalyticsSEO etc. and SE ranking is by far my favorite one.

Lawrence Carelse
Digital Marketing Manager at Living Water UK
Best rank tracker for keyword groups

Google has shifted into topics rather than keywords, SE Ranking allows me to track the keywords by groups so I can see how topics are performing rather than specific keywords. You can also connect it to analytics and webmaster tools, it’s not just a rank tracker, its an overview of your rankings and traffic. Great support also.

Marvin Magusara
SEO Consultant at BubbleLocal SEO
SE Ranking for SEO

I like the SE Ranking because for Google SERP tracking I can choose any region. This is very important for projects for which I do Local SEO. I really like the fact that I can configure access to projects. When working with clients it is very important. I also like the fact that the SE Ranking analyzes the entire Google SERP, not just the organic results. Using SE Ranking I also track Google AdWords and Featured Snippets results.

Dmytro Ugnichenko
Search Engine Expert, ALTWeb Group
SE Rankings is comprehensive and easy to use SEO platform

The main usage of the service for me is the keyword rank tracking of my website and analyzing the rankings of the competitors for the same search queries. The settings are very flexible, I do not even know how to enrich them. And again, many thanks to designers and developers for the outlook of displaying both tabular data and graphs. I am not an SE Ranking newbie, but still can’t cease to admire

Viktor Sokolianskyi
SEO specialist, freelancer
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