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Take the lead in AI-powered search! Track and optimize for better visibility using SE Ranking’s SGE analysis tool, filling the analytics gap left by Google

AI Overviews Tracker

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Boost your visibility in Google’s AI Overviews

Access advanced SGE tracking and analytics unmatched by any other tool. Get insights on AI snippets, competitors, and keywords to strengthen your presence in the GenAI search

Analyze AI snippets for your keywords

Track AI Overview presence and see where your website ranks within it. Discover other sites being featured in AI snippets, monitor their position changes, and refine your SEO strategies accordingly

Examine sources featured in AI Overviews

Check domains and URLs used as sources. Review their Domain Trust scores, referring domains, and complete keyword list

Define search intents behind keywords

Learn the true intent behind the queries that trigger AI Overviews. Evaluate their search volume to align your content better with user needs

Versatile GenAI search tracking for strategic SEO decisions

See how you stack up against the competition in Google’s AI-enhanced search. Identify your rivals, detect new opportunities, and make sound strategic decisions!

  • Track rankings in AI snippets

    Analyze the day-by-day fluctuations in positions held by you and your competitors in AI-driven search results. Check data by domain or URL, or filter results by a specific website to view its dynamics only

  • See cached copies of SERPs

    Review cached copies of search results with AI-generated answers to identify patterns and analyze content and source changes

  • Analyze organic metrics for each source and keyword

    Examine the authoritativeness of linked websites, how many referring domains they have, how many keywords they rank for, and the search volume of those keywords


How do Google SGE and AI Overviews differ?

Both feature answers to user search queries (generated by Google AI) and appear at the top of the SERP. SGE (Search Generative Experience) is the term Google initially used to refer to the search with generative AI. Google is currently transitioning to the new term, AI Overviews.

Will users see AI Overviews for all queries after performing a Google search?

No, AI Overviews will not appear for all queries. The range of keywords that trigger AI-generated answers is currently limited. Our recent research shows that SGE snippets appear for 64% of keywords. These generally include long-tail search queries where Google AI can provide relevant answers. SE Ranking’s AI Overviews Tracker shows the keywords you rank for that have AI-generated answers. It also displays their search volume.

How can I track AI Overviews?

Google doesn’t provide official tools or reporting features to help you with this. Instead, you can use SE Ranking’s new Google’s generative AI tracking solution to fill this gap. This tool lets you track the presence and performance of AI Overviews for your keywords, review sources featured in snippets, examine SERP cached copies, and analyze AI Overviews’ impact on your SEO.

What is the quickest way to compare my traditional rankings to AI snippet rankings?

Use SE Ranking’s Generative AI Tracker. It provides side-by-side comparisons to show where you stand in both traditional search results and AI Overviews. Choose a keyword to see its positions, dynamics, and other SEO metrics. You can use this information to optimize your SEO game plan.

Can I see traffic from AI Overviews?

Google doesn’t have plans to show clicks for AI Overviews in GSC. But SE Ranking does! Our AI Overviews Tracker estimates your potential traffic from AI Overviews. This data helps you predict the potential outcomes of your SEO efforts.

When will your tool be available?

We are working hard to develop our new AI Overviews Tracker and plan to release the first version in June. We will add new features to the tool iteratively. Sign up for the waitlist now to get early access. Be among the first to use this tool.

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