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It’s Easy

Becoming an affiliate is as easy as 1-2-3. All you need to do is just to log into your SE Ranking account or create a new one. Affiliate Program is available to all SE Ranking users. You do not need to register in other systems – everything processes on one platform.

It’s Transparent

We reveal all analytics details for you in your personal account. You can easily track all the transactions, the number of registrations for the trial account, unique visitors from your link, the sales revenue. All the statistics are updated in real-time, no delays.

You Sell – We Support

You do not need to worry about accepting payments and maintenance. Any questions related to customer support are on us.

Simple Access to Your Money

We support various payment methods: Paypal and Webmoney. Choose your preferred payment option, and withdraw the commission every two weeks.

Passive Income

You don’t need any special skills to be a successful SE Ranking affiliate – in fact, you don’t even need to own a website to become one! You can use your blog, your Facebook account, Yahoo answers, articles, forums, etc. to place links to our website or simply recommend our tools to others.

Lifetime Recurring Revenue

When a visitor clicks on an add on your website, we remember him and store cookies for 120 calendar days. Even if he does not immediately decide to register or purchase a subscription, you will have 4 months to convince him. And if a visitor registers for a trial, then every purchase or any billing plan prolongation made by this visitor within the unlimited period of time will bring you 30% commission of the price paid. We pay commissions for each sale over lifetime.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. We reserve the rights to modify any terms and conditions at any time with no further notice. These modifications may include, but are not limited to, adjustments to the referral fees and Affiliate Program rules.
  2. Affiliate URL – you must obtain a special URL after registering for SE Ranking Affiliate Program. The link will be unique to you and you only, and serve you as a certificate to be paid for affiliate referrals.
  3. Branding – Affiliates may not use SE Ranking brand in any PPC or AdWords activities and in any variations in their URL.
  4. Commissions – a non-coupon aggregating Affiliate will receive 30% commissions from orders placed through properly issued Affiliate links. We make payouts every 14 days, if the amount on Partner's account is not less than 50$.
  5. The coupon distribution and coupon aggregation websites are not allowed to register with SE Ranking Affiliate Program.
  6. Rights – SE Ranking reserves the rights to refuse the participation in our Affiliate Program if the site deems to violate our qualifying standards. All the coupon aggregators fall into this category. You will be terminated from the Program if you list coupon codes or discounts that were not generated through SE Ranking or if you promote the coupon you've found someplace online. Affiliates also can't use or promote “coupon stacking” sites where users can combine coupons to receive additional discounts. At the same time, SE Ranking will consider any partner proposals that will be sent directly to us.
  7. Termination – The Agreement comes to its effect when you accept these terms and conditions and will end when terminated by either party.
  8. It is forbidden to use the SE Ranking referral link in paid advertising in Google Ads, Yandex Direct, Facebook Ads. It is prohibited to use the paid search placement including an advertisement that you purchased through bidding on keywords, search terms, or other identifiers.
  9. It is forbidden to advertise for keywords that contain SE Ranking brand name. For example, SE Ranking; SE Ranking coupons; SE Ranking discounts; SE Ranking reviews, etc.
  10. It is forbidden to register through your own affiliate link, i.e. earn on your own payments to SE Ranking. You can earn only by attracting new users.
  11. To calculate the partner’s commission from users subscription purchasing, the user should be registered and logged in the SE Ranking account while paying.
Making your (and your competitors) positions painfully clear

I think it’s awesome you can see not only your own organic positions, but also the positions of your main competitors. This keeps you on your tows, and makes it clear which keywords require additional work. Also, the function to check the ads of competitors is very useful. Sometimes you get some inspiration of their (bad) adds.

Evjatar Werker
Online Marketeer, PeterPrint
One of the best SEO keyword ranking software I have used

The best feature of SE ranking software is the accuracy of the local SEO keyword rankings. I also like the powerful reporting feature and that I can recheck keywords live again. I have tried about 10 different types of paid and free SEO keyword ranking software like MOZ, SEO PowerSuite, Cuterank, AnalyticsSEO etc. and SE ranking is by far my favorite one.

Lawrence Carelse
Digital Marketing Manager at Living Water UK
Best rank tracker for keyword groups

Google has shifted into topics rather than keywords, SE Ranking allows me to track the keywords by groups so I can see how topics are performing rather than specific keywords. You can also connect it to analytics and webmaster tools, it’s not just a rank tracker, its an overview of your rankings and traffic. Great support also.

Marvin Magusara
SEO Consultant at BubbleLocal SEO
SE Ranking for SEO

I like the SE Ranking because for Google SERP tracking I can choose any region. This is very important for projects for which I do Local SEO. I really like the fact that I can configure access to projects. When working with clients it is very important. I also like the fact that the SE Ranking analyzes the entire Google SERP, not just the organic results. Using SE Ranking I also track Google AdWords and Featured Snippets results.

Dmytro Ugnichenko
Search Engine Expert, ALTWeb Group
SE Rankings is comprehensive and easy to use SEO platform

The main usage of the service for me is the keyword rank tracking of my website and analyzing the rankings of the competitors for the same search queries. The settings are very flexible, I do not even know how to enrich them. And again, many thanks to designers and developers for the outlook of displaying both tabular data and graphs. I am not an SE Ranking newbie, but still can’t cease to admire

Viktor Sokolianskyi
SEO specialist, freelancer
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