Technical SEO
Mar 18, 2021

SSL/TLS errors and ways of fixing them

Website security should always be among your top priorities, and SSL/TLS protocols are what ensures the safe connection and data exchange. In this article, we explain how SSL/TLS technologies work, how to get a trusted certificate, and what versions of protocol and encryption to use.
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Technical SEO
Jul 30, 2020

Website security 101: keeping your website safe from hackers

Website security is not just a buzzword. Cyberattacks can do real harm to your website especially if hackers get their hands on your customers' data since massive data breaches are always associated with both financial and reputational losses. Taking website security lightly can also cost you rankings and traffic. In this guide, we've put together website security best practices that will help you protect your website.
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Technical SEO
May 21, 2020

Moving to HTTPS in 5 steps

HTTPS is a secure transfer protocol that every website needs to protect users' data. Learn why you should switch to HTTPS with no further delay, why you need an SSL certificate, and where to get one. We'll also share some insights on setting up your website and Google Search Console after moving to HTTPS that will help you keep your rankings and traffic.
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