Kelly Breland
Jul 07, 2014 | 3 min read

It is unfortunate that you have been exerting the effort of writing but no one or only just a few have ever shared your content. Many bloggers fall into this kind of demise of having a blog that others don’t find to be shareable enough. There are many reasons why others don’t share your blog posts and it is crucial to know the possible reasons why this is so and find the solutions on how to write content that will be worth sharing by your readers.

Reason # 1 – Your blog has poor content and structure

Your post may have some grammatical errors and irregular sentences that it alters the flow of reading of your blog visitors. This is absolutely a turn off that will definitely give a reader good reasons not to continue reading through your post. If it isn’t good enough for them there is no reason why they should share it in the first place.

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Solution: Proofread your content before publishing it to your blog site. Make sure to check for misspelled words, awkward sentences, grammar errors and wrong punctuations within your content body.

Reason # 2 – Your blog content is bare, plain and boring

Using purely textual content can be boring to some of your readers. Not all readers have the patience of reading all your texts and they tend to look for something more engaging to their viewing.

Solution: Be creative of improving your blog content visual presentation by adding images, videos and infographics. These types of content will likely be more engaging to your readers making it worthy of being shared to others. Link your blog site to other social media networks to promote it such as YouTube for video blogging, Pinterest and Instagram for image and infographic blogging. These platforms have social sharing functions that can boost the sharable value of your blog posts.

Reason # 3 – Your blog post don’t have sharing buttons

If your blog post doesn’t have social sharing button your readers will find it a bit tasking to do the effort of undertaking separate acts just to share your great content to others.

Solution: Make your content easily shareable by your blog readers by displaying social sharing buttons to your posts. Seeing the sharing buttons directly to your posts will make the sharing option accessible to your audience and will look more inviting in asking your readers to share your post.

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Reason # 4 – Your blog post does not meet your reader expectations

In order to entice your readers to share your content it is necessary to give them a good impression and be able to meet their expectations.

Solution: Use analytic tools to measure your blog visitor’s values, demographics and statistics. This will help you to analyze what the expectations and preferences of your blog readers are and be able to meet them. Write content that will give more significance to your reader and one that they will find more engaging and meaningful in order to encourage them to share your blog content.


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