Kristina Green
Dec 06, 2016 | 4 min read

Business has always been and always will be about outrunning your rivals. To beat the competition you should spy on every marketing action your competitors are making from search rankings, to new content, to advertising strategy. In order to obtain this obtain this kind of a competitive intelligence use our newly updated Competitor SEO/PPC research tool. This service enables tracking search positions of your competitors and paid ads strategy, as well as analyze their keywords rankings in Google. Use it for your own promotion!

How to start the spying:

If you are already among our customers please log in and start the research now. Or create a free account to see how the tool works live.


As a start choose the domain or the keyword you want to analyze. The list of countries available for research is updated on the regular basis. Let’s test the service and its possibilities evaluating website.

As a first step, the tool offers the 360º overview of the website parameters  You can either dive into the figures or inspect the changes for the selected period of time. This section contains organic and paid traffic overview, organic and paid keywords, rankings distribution and most popular keywords ads.


To get the deeper insights from the research let’s get a closer look at how it works:

Section: Organic traffic research

The section offers the following:

Keywords overview of the competitive website:

  • organic keywords;

  • number of clicks in Google considering the current rankings;

  • estimated traffic cost of the discovered keywords;

  • the list of the competitor’s keywords the website is displayed for in the organic SERPs.

Keywords positions change comparing to the previous check up.

List of the websites that generates traffic for the similar keywords.

How to use it in your marketing strategy?

  1. Check if all the found keywords are in use. If not – add them to your semantic core.

  2. Look at your competitors’ organic keywords and their rankings. Select those that have lower rankings but are also present in the list of your keywords. You can develop a promo campaign with these keywords knowing ahead of the time that you are beating your competitors.

  3. Pay attention to the list of other websites that are trying to get to SERPs TOP competing over your keywords- – they are your competitors as well and should be properly analyzed as well.

Section: Paid organic analyzer

The section offers the following:

  • paid keywords;

  • an estimate on the expected paid traffic;

  • estimated traffic cost of the paid keywords and the monthly budget;

Paid keywords positions change comparing to the previous check up.

Adverts – the ads that are running now, with the ads positions.

List of websites that get traffic for similar audience and paid keywords.

How to use it in your marketing strategy?

Discover all the secrets of your competitor’s paid ads strategy, look through the text ads, and enhance  yours based on this information.

Section: Keyword research tool

The section offers the following:

Data overview in regards to the specific keywords:

  • search volume;

  • click cost assessment;

  • traffic cost assessment;

  • AdWords competition;

  • Keyword KEI;

  • websites in SERPs:

  • advertisers:

  • similar keywords list;

  • most popular keywords ads.

Organic results – websites rankings in SERP’s.

Paid results – detailed information on the type of adverts for the particular keyword, cost per click rate, traffic forecast.

Most popular adverts for the selected keyword.

How to use it in your marketing strategy?

Look at the competing websites and analyze their keywords to, find the ones that they do not use, or their advertisements are at the low positions, and use this in your promo.

Competitor SEO/PPC Research displays everything you need to know to bypass the competitors: the phrases they are ranking for, how high they are ranking, the value of their traffic, visuals of their most popular ads, common and different keywords and more. All of that with a very attractive price tag!



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