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May 28, 2015 | 4 min read

Many find affiliate marketing as an effective means of augmenting the monetization value of their blog sites and testified to be successful in such undertaking. You don’t only need sheer luck to enjoy the income benefits of affiliate marketing to your blog. You also need to strategize and learn how to use it for blogging.

How blogging can benefit affiliate marketing

Blogs can earn a decent amount of income through affiliate marketing. As a blogger, your major objective is to promote your affiliate product through your blog and linking it back to your affiliate account while earning commission for every successful sale or each time your blog reader clicks on the link that will direct them to the affiliate product you are promoting. Some affiliate programs will also reward you for referring someone who will successfully sign up for a service or product. The amount that you earn from your affiliate marketing efforts is being recorded and tracked down through the affiliate program system and calculates the commission for each successful sale or sign up process of your referrals.

blogging can benefit affiliate marketing

Using your blog, you can improve the exposure of your affiliate products while efficiently reaching to your target audiences. It can also boost your potential earnings owing to the wider audience reach of your blog site. Amazingly, excellent bloggers can earn through affiliate marketing as much as $2000 a week. Maintaining a blog site that is devoted in building up the trust rating of your affiliate products or services can help grow your industry authority making you as an expert affiliate marketer along the process.

How to integrate affiliate marketing with blogging

 It is not complicated to learn how to connect your chosen affiliate marketing programs to your blog. By doing so you are ultimately increasing the monetization process of your blog while promoting the quality and value of your brand through blog marketing. Here’s the easy step to do it:

1.      Sign up for an affiliate program that has a relevance to your blog niche. This will help you find more targeted leads for your affiliate products because your blog’s regular audience can easily relate to what you are offering them. Bloggers can use Amazon Associates as an affiliate program that is best for beginners. Other popular affiliate marketing programs to consider include Commission Junction, ShareASale and Link Share.

2.      Use automation process/aggregator service. This is very helpful when your blog site caters to vast subject matters. In order to facilitate the quick integration of your affiliate links to your blog, the aggregator or automated system will work independently in searching for relevant programs or products and will automatically monetize the links embedded to your blog for more accurate outcomes.

blogging with affiliate marketing

3.      Don’t just sell your products but also sell good contents. Use your blog site as a platform that you can use in selling out the best things about your affiliate products such as its benefits and use. You don’t have to engage into direct selling of your products but instead provide researches and other valuable information that will back up the benefits of your products. Delivering helpful information to your blog readers will make them appreciate the se and benefits of your products thereby giving your potential sales a boost.

4.      Integrate affiliate links to your blog content. The moment you hook your blog audience’s interest then you can lure them to click on the affiliate link displayed on your blog. The affiliate link will direct your blog readers directly to your affiliate product with a tracking system that generates your earnings as a commission for every click on your affiliate product ads or when they actually make a purchase through your own blog advertising.



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