Kelly Breland
Feb 07, 2014 | 4 min read

Everyone is buzzing about guest posting as a link-building standard. For a long time, guest posting has been a killer tactic to get links for a website. There is no a secret if you want to get the page of Google you should get lots of links. Many SEO’s are sending a bunch of requests to publish guest posts in hopes to get good links for clients and boost traffic on the sites. But there is a question here. Are all these links worthy and valuable for SEO? Can guest posting impact your SEO projects?

There are lots of disputes whether it is time stop guest blogging. Let’s take a look at some views whether people think the guest posting practice is really dead:




As you can see we have lots of views ans each is quite different. Someone thinks guest posting is still a good way to get links, another people consider this way as a worthless tactic.  What concerns us, it seems like guest blogging is considered black hat. It depends on the way you use it. But we can say for sure it is no longer recommended as the white hat technique. In case you are fully thinking over white hat, you should reconsider this tactic as a part of your strategy. Matt Cutts told that the more you do guest blogging the more it becomes spammy practice and you are hanging out with a really bad practice.

Earlier, guest blogging was considered a pretty respectable and valuable way to get quality links, high website rankings, author reputation and trust from Google. Unfortunately, it is no more actual that way today. Most people become addicted to guest blogging and use that strategy as the basic way to build links and get more traffic.

There are lots of low-quality websites that accept guest posts with the separated section “Write for us”, “Submit a guest post”, “Guest posting guidelines” and etc. Ideally, most people accept them for free or for some fees almost each article no matter what quality it is: link-ridden junk, spinning, crappy and short articles. We get lots of submissions every day. With each email of that kind, we lose faith in guest posting effectiveness. We have got such a feeling guest blogging is getting out of control. People don’t care anymore about quality and don’t chase fresh and news ideas. Everyone wants to place the post for the sake of link juice. That’s why most of guest posts and websites that used this sort of the strategy as the basic one sucked.

Impact on a Good Content

We are bloggers and we should be interested in quality content. We care about extending fresh and new ideas.  When we take much time over content, spread the post on the site and share it with readers. Quality and good content will give more opportunity to spread ideas and there is no matter to care about putting as many as possible links in the body. You shouldn’t care about links, we should care about new ideas.  With a good content you can attract more traffic and people will share your ideas with other bloggers and readers.  People will refer to you and your articles. That’s a good way you can get natural and relevant links. And you shouldn’t spend much time to writing a post for the sake of the links.

Guest Posting Is This Link-Building Standard Dead

We are not saying bloggers don’t deserve one or two links. You can think we have out-dated views but guest bloggers should earn quality links. But not anything you just write crappy poor content with 800 words into a Word document. Guest blogging seems to be dead because of getting links, not sharing ideas.

Every day we get lots of emails about guest posting request, but we don’t accept all of these posts, just a few of them for the month. As all other articles have poor and spinning content.

Guest blogging is done for today. Matt Cutts warned us to stop writing crappy and spun posts. We can’t tell Google doesn’t like guest post. No Google doest love that tactic. They want you all this poor spinning stuff gone. Do the best to share quality evergreen content and Google will definitely reward you for this activity.

What do you have in your mind about guest blogging? 🙂

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