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Feb 07, 2019

Good things happen to those who develop great products. We are extremely proud and humbled to be listed in the Top 5 Fastest Growing Products (5th spot) and Top 50 Products for Small Business (26th spot) in G2 Crowd’s Best Software Awards 2019.

With over 45,000 software companies on G2 Crowd, SE Ranking’s listing in two winning categories is an exceptional achievement, and one that can only be earned through the endorsement of hundreds of users.

“What makes G2 Crowd Awards special is the fact that their scoring is fueled by data collected from real-time technology users. Product selection is driven by consumer opinion which is why we are especially thankful to each and every person who left a review about our software. You guys are truly the biggest force behind our development machine”.

Valery Kurilov, CEO and mastermind behind SE Ranking

The products for both categories are determined based on G2 Crowd’s scoring methodology that evaluates different criteria ranging from consumer reviews to market presence with use of G2 Crowd’s scoring algorithms.

“This is no subjective list by a few people giving their opinions. With the highest traffic and engagement, largest selection of products and services, and highest quality data, G2 Crowd is able to harness more than 4 million data points to determine which products and companies are doing the best job of helping businesses reach their potential.”

Godard Abel, G2 Crowd’s CEO

SE Ranking is no stranger within the tech ecosystem for businesses of all sizes and niches. Founded in 2013, the software quickly reached first 100,000 users with an array of loyal customers who appreciated the wide range of functionality packaged within a single interface. The ability to do all SEO tasks with no need to switching between softwares provided unique benefits to users that quickly translated into a 250,000+ user base and a very significant recognition by G2 Crowd that we are celebrating today.

“We switched to SE Ranking which is awesome in feature set, value, accuracy of research data and price. It is easy to use, the UI makes sense, and the Research is second to none.”

Sean D., SE Ranking’s user and G2 Crowd Review Contributor

Being recognized among HubSpot, PayPal and other great products that for decades have been helping entrepreneurs across the globe reach new horizons proves that we are on the right track. The reviews about SE Ranking’s great UI, flexibility and excellent support is a payoff to years of research, experimenting and innovation applied to all areas of business – from operations to product development.

“I really appreciate the flexibility of the tool and the people behind it! The white label function is just awesome. I can provide a professional panel for my customers with limited features access. After using other competitors in an agency for more than 3 years I have to say I will not move from SE ranking who definitely match my requirement.”

Eric G., SE Ranking’s user and G2 Crowd Review Contributor

With innovation and flexibility being at core of our development we are also heavily relying on our customers’ feedback. In fact, the majority of improvements and enhancements in our systems are implemented based on customers’ suggestions. G2 Crowd’s recognition is yet another confirmation that this strategy is the correct one in moving forward. Thank you again to all our users – we take into consideration each and every comment or question you leave us in chats, our Facebook community, emails, support form, etc. This valuable communication keeps us on our toes making our SEO software better with each and every update.

Providing exceptional business value by developing a platform that is easy and comfortable to use for marketers and entrepreneurs of any level of expertise has been our number one goal since the company’s inception. Staying true to that approach helps us win hearts of our customers as well as be respectfully placed among the best companies in IT. This is one of the reasons why we continue expanding our limits in terms of technology, business and customer support. Thank you again for your continued loyalty and support – we could not be more proud of our mutual success – yours and ours!

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