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Jul 14, 2016 | 4 min read

Keywords is the foundation of the search engine optimization process. If your goal is to increase your traffic and make your website more searchable on the web, keyword research is the most basic task involved in accomplishing this goal and using long tail keyword is the major trend in keyword SEO today.If your goal is to increase your traffic and make your website more searchable on the web, keyword usage is the most basic process involved in accomplishing this goal and using long tail keyword is the major trend in keyword SEO today.

The significance of long tail keyword on your website traffic

Long tail keywords usually consist of three or more words that are combined to produce a search statement that the search engine users use for search. Your goal in order to match the keywords used by them for searching online is to use the appropriate keywords that will yield a higher number of search but with a low number of competitions. The rationale behind the high number of search requirement on a particular keyword is to ensure that you are using keywords that are relevant and widely used by the search engine users.

the significance of long tail keywords

In order to optimize the performance of your website for the search results page it is crucial to use keywords with a low number of competitions to give your site a better exposure to the search results page. The less number of competitions for a particular keyword the better chance your website will land on the first search results page that will give your site better exposure to internet users. Accomplishing these two goals for long tail keyword search will help in exposing your site to more search users and consequently optimizes the flow of online traffic to your site that can be two-fold more than using shorter keywords.

The impact of long tail keywords on the search

The search users are now getting more meticulous when searching something online. They no longer use single or two-word keywords but are getting more conversational in their search. The Google search engine takes this kind of search as one of a semantic search which is more inquisitive and conversational in nature.

For instance, instead of using the keyword “woodworking” on the search engine, the search engine user will make a search query on “what are the best woodworking supplies.” Thus, if you are using long tail keyword that is relevant to this search like “best woodworking supplies” or “the best supplies for woodworking” you have a better chance of being found on the search engine results. Using the keyword “woodworking” will likely yield a higher number of competitions but targeting long tail keywords as cited above will give you a better chance of having a lower number of competitors that are also using that particular keyword. With a lower number of competitions your website traffic can double over time.

long tail keywords

Discover the traffic-driven long tail keyword to your site

Manually searching for long tail keywords is quite daunting if not impossible. You need to automate the process of searching the best long tail keyword to use for your SEO campaign to produce a more accurate and reliable result in doubling your website traffic. There are free keyword research tools such as the Google Keyword Tool, Wordstream free keyword tool and Keyword Tool Denominator that can provide useful data such as the number of competitions and the number of the local and global searches for the keyword.  Paid software that accurately runs its own algorithm to rank keywords is also widely available in the market today. If you want to obtain better search ranking results for your website, using long tail keywords can do the trick in order to rank your site for search, double your traffic and increase your website performance for SEO.

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