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100% accurate Google rank tracker designed to help SEO pros and digital marketers monitor keyword rankings on a daily basis for any location, language, and device. This free Google rank checker tool will help you get the ranking data to start!


Get a full understanding of your organic performance in Google

Why use SE Ranking’s Google Rank Checker?

Looking for more data? Find all the info you need about your Google website rankings in simple tables and graphs.

  • Keyword position in Google

    Keyword position in Google Get 100% accurate keyword ranking data on a daily basis

  • Target URL

    Target URL Check target URLs to quickly spot cannibalization issues

  • SERP features

    SERP features Find all SERP features for the target query with our Rank Checker

  • Search volume

    Search volume Get the monthly traffic potential for a keyword to prioritize your work

  • Traffic forecast

    Traffic forecast Get an estimate of how much traffic a keyword can drive to your site

  • Dynamics

    Dynamics Examine how many SERP positions the site gained or lost

  • Google Ads

    Google Ads Find Google Ads rank for all focus keywords

  • Local Pack

    Local Pack Check Local Pack for your target keywords

  • Grouping and Tagging

    Grouping and Tagging Tag keywords and group them for better tracking

All of your organic performance data in one rank checker

Keep an eye on your competitors with our Google Rank Tracker

Monitor the competitive landscape and analyze your rivals to stay ahead
SERP competitors
Direct competitors
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Search visibility refers to the share of impressions for a search query entered in a search engine. This metric informs you of your site’s SEO visibility in comparison to organic competitors for the keywords you're tracking in Google.
SERP competitors
Examine the top 100 competitors for tracked queries in Google. This list contains all of the top organic results for a search query, including your own pages as well as those of your direct and indirect competitors.
Direct competitors
Select up to 20 competitors and see how their Google rankings change over time. Track the same data as you would for your own site and receive free daily updates on their performance for target keywords.

Analyze rival websites and gain valuable SEO insights

What Google rankings are and why to track them

SEO fundamentals
Google keyword ranking is the position of your website on the Google results page for a certain search query. A higher ranking increases your site’s search visibility and the likelihood that users will visit it. The top 3 results typically receive the most organic search traffic. Working on your site’s SEO improves rankings and drives more traffic.

Why people pick SE Ranking for checking Google rankings

100% Accurate data

Enjoy 100% accurate data and cached copies of SERPs to check ranking at any time.

Impressive tracking depth

Go as deep as 200 keyword positions to get an understanding of your competitive landscape.

Powerful competitive data

Compare your Google ranking with those of your competitors to get the full picture and stay ahead.

Easy local tracking

Monitor keywords for any location on the planet. Check your local search visibility to ensure that your SEO efforts are paying off.

Effortless data analysis

Google keyword ranking is displayed in an easy-to-navigate interface alongside useful SEO metrics and additional data.

Various customization modes

Customize the rank checker’s interface to your liking. Tailor the frequency and depth of scanning to meet your particular needs.

Take your SEO strategy to the next level

Check rankings on other search engines

Get more data with additional features

Make informed and hassle-free decisions with SE Ranking and integrated Google's tools
Connect Google Search Console
Connect Google Analytics
Check search snippets
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Connect Google Search Console
Integrate Google Search Console to get fresh and accurate data on your site's search traffic and performance.
Connect GA
Add Google Analytics to SE Ranking to access all major reports and get more SEO and marketing data.
Check snippets
See how your page will appear in search results for target keywords and decide how it can be improved.

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What is Google Ranking Checker?
Google Rank Checker is an SEO tool designed to provide comprehensive data on your Google rankings in both organic and paid search for any location, language, and device.
What does it mean to rank on Google?
Google keyword ranking refers to a webpage’s position in SERPs for a given search query. A ranking of 1-10 usually means that you are on the first page of Google’s SERPs, which can help you get the lion's share of traffic, views, and engagement.
How can I check my Google rankings?
You can check your rankings manually or by using tools like Google Search Console or SE Ranking’s Rank Checker. The main benefits of the second tool include 100% accurate data on Google rankings, along with their SERP features, search volume, traffic forecast, etc.
How do you find keywords that are currently driving traffic from Google?
To identify keywords that provide the most traffic, you can use webmaster tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics. These services, however, can take up to three days to update ranking data, so SEO tools like Google Rank Checker can be of great help.
How do you rank #1 on Google?
There is no one-size-fits-all approach. It depends on the type of business you run, your target audience, and your marketing goals. Still, Google first considers the following factors when ranking websites: content quality and relevance, the quality of your backlink profile, page experience, and technical optimization among other factors.
How much does it cost to rank #1 on Google?
It doesn’t cost anything to appear in Google's organic search results. You won’t have to pay for indexing and ranking websites, but most online businesses invest in SEO services to reach the top of SERPs. Prices usually start from $20-30 per month, depending on the number of services you use.
What is Google’s #1 ranking factor?
Google's algorithm considers over 200 factors when ranking pages, but it doesn't list them anywhere. Still, SEOs agree that content and backlinks are the main Google ranking factors.
How can I improve my Google rankings faster?
There is no magic solution to speeding up your Google ranking process because several factors are at play. Google will reward you, however, for writing people-oriented content and combining both on-page and off-page best practices.
How do I find the best Google website ranking checker?
The perfect Google rank tracker should show keyword positions in SERPs and provide information on search volume and traffic forecast. It should also check Google Ads rankings, track Google SERP features, and offer the White Label feature. Avoid investing in similar services that don’t offer affordable or customizable rates. Consider all these factors before buying subscriptions.
Can I use your Google position checker for free?
Yes! Go ahead and perform a Google keyword ranking check right on this landing page free of charge. Get the most out of our Google position checker and 30+ other tools by getting a subscription, which comes with a 14-day free trial.