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DNS server
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Name server
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Domain age
Creation date
Updated date
Expiration date
The tool shows the company’s name registered under the domain name followed by its website address and contact details if provided.
Name server
The server name that stores the domain’s DNS records connecting the domain name with its hosting IP address.
Domain status
Server codes and client codes assigned by the domain name registry or registrar to reflect the procedures, restrictions, or issues that affect the domain name.
Domain age
A tool that calculates the time that has passed since the domain name was originally created and registered.
Creation date
The date its current owner registered the domain.
Updated date
The date the domain’s WHOIS record was last edited.
Expiration date
The date the domain is available for purchase if the current owner doesn’t pay the renewal fee to retain the registration.
What is WHOIS?

WHOIS is a public directory that lists domain names that are sold and registered worldwide. The directory keeps a record of information about domain ownership, registration details, and contact details of current domain name owners, if available.

The WHOIS database is maintained by ICANN, a nonprofit corporation that administers the domain name system (DNS), coordinates IP address supply, and accredits domain registrars to make the Internet secure and stable.

WHOIS data is freely accessible and helps make web address registrants identifiable and accountable. Feel free to research any domain name online using our WHOIS Lookup tool.

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Why is WHOIS important and who can use it?

The WHOIS directory serves as the single source of truth for anyone in search of information about domain names ownership and status. This free, open-source directory provides registration details for any existing domain using WHOIS search web tools.

You might want to access WHOIS data to check what information is shown online for the domains you currently own. You can also use it to check for available or unregistered domain names for sale.

If the WHOIS database doesn’t yield records about the domain name you are checking, it means that it hasn’t been purchased yet. If the record exists, you’ll see the contact details of the domain name holder or registrar and the expiration date.

The WHOIS directory not only provides information for safe domain sales and transfers but also holds domain owners accountable for how they use their online properties. Legal authorities may access WHOIS when investigating if particular domain names are involved in criminal activities, such as spam, online fraud, illegal content publishing, or phishing.

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How to use our WHOIS Lookup Tool

Checking domain information with our WHOIS search web tool is easy. Just type or paste a domain name or an IP address into the search field and click the Check button.

It’ll take a few seconds for the tool to retrieve all the relevant data from the WHOIS directory and display it for you as an easy-to-read list.

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How to check domain registration details?

You can check any domain name registration data using our WHOIS tool. For this, type the domain name in the search bar and click the Check button. In a couple of seconds, you’ll get the WHOIS record about domain status, creation, update and expiration dates, DNS server, and other information the registrar provides.

How to find out who owns a domain?

Our tool retrieves the WHOIS records about domain ownership. Paste the domain name in the search bar and click Check to see what website information the registrar provides. The website owner lookup will show you the domain holder’s contact details who don’t use privacy protection.

How to find out where a website is hosted?

Our WHOIS IP address and domain checker retrieve information about servers that store DNS records. Enter a domain name in the search bar, click Check, and look at the data in the Registrar section of the WHOIS results. It’ll point to the site’s hosting company.

What is the WHOIS database?

WHOIS is a public online directory that keeps records about domain names that exist on the internet. WHOIS records include information about domain holders, registrars, and administrative details, including domain registration and expiration dates and their status.

How to check domain age?

To find out a domain’s age, type its name into the search bar of our domain check tool and click Check. In the WHOIS results, you’ll see the domain creation date and the amount of time that has passed since that date.

Is WHOIS lookup legal?

The WHOIS database contains data provided with the domain holders’ consent. Using domain checkers doesn’t violate any laws if it’s for lawful purposes. You can research WHOIS data to purchase a domain name or contact domain holders to resolve trademark infringement issues. Using the data from WHOIS for direct marketing, spam, or identity theft is illegal.

How to do a WHOIS lookup for a foreign website?

Our lookup tool can help you research domain names registered in any country cooperating with the ICANN corporation that administers the global domain name system. You can use our tool to search for domain names regardless of the country of their registrar or domain holder.

Can I perform a bulk WHOIS lookup?

At the moment, our tool allows you to check one domain at a time. The option of bulk domain registration lookup may become available in the future.

Can I do a WHOIS history lookup?

From a technical viewpoint, it’s possible to access historical WHOIS records for a domain name. Although our tool currently doesn’t provide this option, it may become available later for you to check any domain name’s ownership history.

How to change WHOIS information?

The ICANN corporation requires domain name owners and registrars to keep their WHOIS information accurate and up-to-date throughout the registration period. If your contact or any other information you have submitted during registration changes over time, you should edit it through the admin panel of your domain name registrar.

Should I hide my WHOIS information?

It’s your choice whether to order privacy protection services from your domain name registrar or allow your personal and contact details to go public on WHOIS. The reason many domain holders hide their information is to protect themselves from unsolicited calls and emails. Privacy protection can also lower the risk of your domain name being hijacked.

Can I own a website anonymously?

Domain name registrars offer privacy protection services. For an extra payment, the service provider’s contact details will be shown in the WHOIS database instead of yours. The registrar will act as an intermediary between WHOIS and you. They’ll forward you all the requests regarding your domain name without disclosing your private information to any third parties except legal authorities.

How to lookup DNS servers using WHOIS?

Using our WHOIS Lookup tool, you can find out what server stores the DNS record for any domain name. All you need to do is to enter the domain name in the search bar and click the Check button. You’ll find the required information in the Name server row of the WHOIS results.

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