Free SEO Roadmap Template

Get your hands on this SEO roadmap template. It outlines all steps and actions required to coordinate your team’s efforts with precision and achieve your SEO goals.

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Free SEO Roadmap Template

This SEO roadmap template covers all the essentials for supercharging your SEO campaign

Main metric

Specify the metric that will be impacted by the SEO task you’re working on. This could include organic traffic, conversion rates, etc.


Determine the importance of the task: high, medium, or low.


Assess the degree of effort required from the team to complete the task.

Task and its description

Provide a detailed description that outlines the step-by-step actions required for the team to accomplish the objective.


Specify the materials, documents, and references the team will need to effectively complete the task.


Assign the task to the team or colleague who is responsible for completing it.


Indicate if the task is internal or cross-team. This makes it easier to coordinate between different departments if needed.


Keep track of the task’s current status, whether it's pending, in progress, completed or in to-do.

Target timeline

Decide when the team should address and complete this task based on the resources currently available.

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Streamline website optimization with our automated SEO Planning Tool

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Streamline website optimization with our automated SEO Planning Tool
  • Progress monitoring

    Keep track of completed and unfinished (to-do) tasks to ensure that each step contributes to the success of your SEO strategy.
  • User-friendly navigation

    Carry out each SEO task quickly with clear step-by-step instructions. Check off tasks when done, adjust priorities, or skip them.
  • Smooth integration

    Access SE Ranking’s tools directly from the SEO Planning module to simplify your task workflow.
  • Developed to suit your needs

    Customize the SEO roadmap by adding personalized tasks or removing unnecessary ones.
  • Seamless export feature

    Export this SEO action plan in PDF format to collaborate externally or share it with your clients.
  • Perfect for collaboration

    Use comments, deadlines, and task assignments to keep you and your team focused on achieving the main goal.
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How to use this template

Check out our step-by-step guide for more information on creating a successful SEO roadmap strategy.

  • Click the download button to save the SEO roadmap template to your device.
  • List main metrics, task details, priorities, responsible persons, timelines, and other parameters.
  • Align the roadmap with key stakeholders (for in-house teams) and clients (for agencies).
  • Share your completed roadmap with your colleagues and start working together to follow the plan.