Free SEO Checklist Template

Optimize your website with this step-by-step SEO roadmap. Download this template to start focusing on the SEO activities that matter most.

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Free SEO Checklist Template

This SEO checklist template covers best practices for boosting your SEO strategy

Basic Setup

Secure a solid foundation for your SEO efforts by mastering essentials, such as connecting to analytics and webmaster tools, installing CMS plugins, etc.

Technical SEO

Explore the technical aspects of SEO to enhance your website’s performance. This involves website security, redirects, CWVs, localization, and more.

Keyword and Competitor Research

Gain insights from strategies used by your competitors to achieve top results. Uncover the best keywords for the content you create.

Content Audit & Creation

Create engaging content that meets your audience’s needs and follows search engine guidelines. Check existing content for uniqueness, relevance, and quality issues.

On-page SEO

Fine-tune your on-page elements, from meta tags and headers to URLs and image alt texts. Add schema markup to boost your website's relevance and visibility.

Off-page SEO

Learn authority boosting strategies. Acquire high-quality backlinks and manage lost and toxic ones.

Local SEO

Discover strategies for optimizing your local search presence. Improve your Google Business Profile, cooperate with reviews and local directories.

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Make website optimization a breeze with this interactive SEO Checklist tool

An automated SEO checklist module that helps you monitor complete and incomplete tasks.

Make website optimization a breeze with this interactive SEO Checklist tool
  • Progress tracking

    Keep tabs on your progress and ensure each step contributes to the overall success of your SEO strategy.
  • User-friendly navigation

    Cruise through each of your tasks by following step-by-step instruction. Mark tasks as done, change their priority, or even ignore them.
  • Seamless integration

    Switch to SE Ranking’s essential tools directly from the SEO checklist module. Streamline your workflow for efficient task execution.
  • Tailored to your needs

    Add custom tasks and personalize the SEO checklist template to fit your projects’ needs.
  • Export functionality

    Export your roadmap to work externally or share it with team members.
  • Collaborative features

    Leave comments, set deadlines, and assign responsibilities within the SEO checklist tool. Promote effective collaboration and team coordination.
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How to use this SEO checklist template

Follow these simple steps to make the most of this template:

  • Press the Download button to save the SEO checklist template.
  • Review the checklist and add details or remove unnecessary steps if needed to shape your SEO strategy.
  • Present the checklist to your team or clients to align all optimization stages.
  • Apply your finished SEO roadmap to the website.

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Explore our step-by-step SEO checklist guide for comprehensive insights into the steps required for technical, on-page, off-page, local, and other key optimization steps.