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  SEO Foresight 2024

Navigating AI, Google Updates, and Search Habits


Dec 14
3 PM - 7 PM CET | 9 AM - 1 PM EST

Discover the future of SEO!

Join SE Ranking and other industry leaders at SEO Foresight 2024 for an in-depth, all-round SEO odyssey. Learn how AI, Google updates, and evolving search habits are sculpting a new digital marketing scene. Grab your front-row seat to discover the new frontiers of SEO!

Book your virtual seat to:

🔹 Learn strategies for responding to changes in Google’s algorithm and enhancing UX.
🔹 Discover how to use AI to improve the quality of your content marketing initiatives.
🔹 Understand the sheer impact AI will have on Google’s search dynamics.
🔹 Find out how to use AI to simplify website data analysis.



Welcoming Remarks
SEO Foresight 2024
Halyna Kuzmovych
Senior Product Marketing Manager at SE Ranking

Welcome to SEO Foresight 2024!

In a digital era marked by rapid advancements and transformative technologies, we at SE Ranking are bringing together a community of forward-thinking experts and enthusiasts. This conference is a melting pot of ideas, where industry leaders will share their insights on the impact of AI, Google updates, and changing search habits. We aim to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to stay ahead in the dynamic world of digital marketing in 2024.

Join us in exploring the future of SEO and shaping strategies that lead to success. Let’s embark on this enlightening journey together!

3:10 PM CET
Future-Proofing SEO:
Proactive Approach to Google Updates & UX in 2024
Ola King
Interdisciplinary problem-solver

Be the first to get your feet wet by learning all about the SEO landscape we expect to see in 2024. Focus on staying ahead of Google updates and enhancing the user experience. Ola will break down the importance of taking on a more proactive SEO strategy for 2024 and how to carry it out well.


We’ll uncover:


  • What the recent Google updates & rise in Generative AI content mean for the future of SEO
  • The Synergy of SEO and User Experience
  • Proactive SEO Strategies for 2024
  • Building a Future-Proof Strategy
3:50 PM CET
AI-powered B2B Content Strategies: Budget-Conscious Insights for Startups
Yagmur Simsek
SEO Manager | Co-founder of GCS Network | Creator of “Search 'n Stuff” Project

This talk dives into the exciting world of AI-powered content strategies, providing startups with a practical guide to tackle this intricate field. Startups often juggle the challenge of crafting impactful B2B content with limited budgets. We’ll explore how artificial intelligence is reshaping the way we plan, create, curate, and distribute content, helping startups do more with less. This journey through AI’s role in content strategy will reveal how startups can amplify their reach and effectiveness, even when resources are tight.

4:30 PM CET
5 Ways Content Marketers Can Use AI for Better Quality and Performance (prompts included)
Andy Crestodina
Co-Founder and CMO at Orbit Media
  • Unveiling a proven AI framework for content marketing.
  • Practical tips: Understanding audiences, filling content gaps, brainstorming ideas, and more.
  • From eye-catching images to search-optimized content; harness AI for impactful results.
  • And much more on elevating your strategy with AI insights!
5:20 PM CET
The Good, Bad and Ugly of AI SEO
Mark Williams-Cook, Daniel Foley Carter
Director at Candour
Director at Assertive

Mark Williams-Cook and Daniel Foley Carter take a case study-led approach looking at:


  • How to make a strategy that employs the strength of LLMs while giving you a viable long-term SEO strategy.
  • Case studies of the sites and experiments that played with AI and lost.
  • How to incorporate AI into your SEO workflow
Search at a Crossroads: The Impact of AI on Google in 2024
Barry Schwartz, Lily Ray, Erin Sparks
President and owner of RustyBrick, Inc.
Senior Director, SEO & Head of Organic Research at Amsive Digital
CEO, Site Strategics / EDGE Media Studios
  • The impact of AI on Google’s search algorithms in 2024, and how these changes are reshaping SEO.
  • The dynamic between advancing AI and Google’s evolving search landscape, plus what this means for businesses and marketers.
  • Strategies for leveraging AI to enhance SEO performance, plus expert tips for adapting and thriving in this new era.
  • The future of search in an AI-driven world. Lily and Barry will share insights into SGE, what’s next, and how to outpace both Google and your competitors.
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