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Real-World Tips From SEO Pros Who Use

SE Ranking


12 March
3 PM - 5 PM CET | 10 AM - 12 PM EDT

Dive deeper into the world of SEO with real stories from SE Ranking’s power users!

Explore the nuances of SEO with insights from our client community. This workshop is your gateway to mastering SE Ranking. It combines advanced tactics with strategies from users who have achieved remarkable success.

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🔹 Maximize SE Ranking’s toolkit for complex SEO strategies.

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This year, we’ll be presenting even more real-world applications, success stories, and hands-on SEO advice from the industry’s leaders. Join us to transform your SEO strategy with insights from experts who know SE Ranking best!


Welcoming remarks & A Quick Tour of SE Ranking

Erin Sparks, Halyna Kuzmovych
CEO, Site Strategics / EDGE Media Studios
Senior Product Marketing Manager at SE Ranking
3:15 PM CET
How to Create a Winning SEO Proposal Using SE Ranking’s Site Audit and Competitive Analysis Tools
CMO at
  • Conduct Comprehensive Site Audits: Learn to identify and fix critical SEO issues with SE Ranking’s site audit tool, enhancing your website’s search engine visibility.
  • Reverse Engineer Competitor Strategies: Discover how to use the on-page SEO checker to analyze competitors, crafting a content and backlink roadmap for a 12-month SEO campaign.
  • Develop a Technical SEO Roadmap: Gain insights on creating a technical SEO plan based on audit findings, improving site speed, mobile-friendliness, and overall user experience.
  • Create a Winning SEO Pitch: Learn how to frame these findings into a successful SEO pitch that wins you new clients
The Keyword Research Journey, From Discovery To Sitemaps and Content Plans
Ben Feltwell
Digital Marketing Instructor | Director at Baldur Digital

Learn how to leverage SE Ranking for comprehensive keyword discovery and analysis in just 30 minutes. Here’s what we’ll cover:


  • Quick Wins: Identifying SEO opportunities within your existing website.

  • Competitor Analysis: Understand how to identify and analyse competitors’ keywords to find gaps and opportunities in your market.

  • Keyword Organisation: Techniques for categorising and prioritising keywords for more effective SEO planning.

  • Content Strategy Mapping: Steps to integrate your keyword research into a coherent content plan that supports your site’s goals.

4:40 PM CET
Effective Client Reporting: How to Present Negative and Positive Results
Mindy Weinstein
Founder and CEO of Market MindShift
  • Customize reports to different audiences
  • Create a visual story with your data
  • Effectively highlight key achievements and areas of improvement
  • Transform insights into actionable recommendations
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