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Agency Growth Day Learn from Industry Experts How to Scale Your Digital Marketing Agency

June 14
3 PM - 7 PM CET | 9 AM - 1 PM EDT

Embracing growth in the new era of SEO!

Join SE Ranking for a day dedicated to SEO and growth hacking for your digital marketing agency. Gain a 360° view on amplifying your agency's digital footprint.

Book your virtual spot to:
🔹 Get proven advice from experts on scaling up your agency.
🔹 Find out about upcoming shifts in SEO and how to prepare for them.
🔹 Learn how to keep your digital agency’s SEO strategy ahead of the competition.

Priceless insights from industry leaders

Explore the minds of true SEO experts who have rolled up their sleeves, immersed themselves in the oftentimes murky world of digital marketing, and returned to share their secrets.

All areas of agency growth will be covered, including project management, client relationships, SEO strategy, brand building, and more!


Trends and Latest Changes in The Industry
Himani Kankaria

Founder at Missive Digital

Himani specializes in strategizing, creating, and optimizing content for users and SERP features.
The Keys to Agency Revenue Growth
Craig Rodney

Founder, The Agency Coach

Craig Rodney is a marketing agency coach, with a penchant for profit and exit coaching. Craig has coached over 100 agencies around the world, many through their own exits.

Revenue grow in an agency is not easy and it’s not accidental – it requires achieving success in certain areas, and avoiding failure in other.

4:40 PM CET
Mission: Deadline Possible – Unmasking Project Management Secrets in Digital Marketing
Vicky Simmance

Operations & Events Director, The OMG Center

Vicky is an operations and project management geek! Her mission is helping teams deliver work on time, to scope and to a high quality.

You might be part of the most highly skilled team of digital marketers in the world, but have you ever:

  • Struggled to balance your workload so that everything is delivered on time and to spec?
  • Had issues maintaining traction on projects?
  • Missed opportunities for better collaboration with your team?

Having solid project management processes in place is how you avoid these issues!!

5:20 PM CET
Managing Client Relationships for Long-Term Success
Chris Raulf

International SEO Expert | Founder & President at Boulder SEO Marketing

The Importance of Building an Ontology for Easy SEO Reporting
Ross Tavendale

Managing Director, Type A Media

Ross cut his teeth working for big box agencies on some of the biggest sites in the world. Type A Media has a client list that includes the likes of Just Eat, Ebay, University of Cambridge and Brewdog to name a few.

Learn how to build an ontology for your business to help with your SEO reporting, internal linking, forecasting and more.

6:40 PM CET
ChatGPT SEO Strategy:
How to Increase SEO Traffic by 50% With AI
Julian Goldie

CEO, Goldie Agency

SEO entrepreneur, author, and online educator. He is the founder of a successful 7-figure link building agency with a team of 50 people, which he built from the ground up.
  • Unleash ChatGPT’s SEO Power: Discover the secret to supercharging your SEO strategy with AI-powered content creation.
  • Outsmart Your Competitors: Uncover how ChatGPT can give you the competitive edge in the ever-evolving world of SEO.
  • Master Keyword Optimization: Learn to harness ChatGPT’s prowess in identifying and incorporating the right keywords for maximum impact.
  • Unlock Explosive Traffic Growth: Witness the astonishing 50% increase in SEO traffic achieved by leveraging ChatGPT’s capabilities.
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