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Agency Growth Day 2.0


Industry Experts Discuss

How to Scale Your Digital Marketing Agency


May 23
3 PM - 6.30 PM CEST | 9 AM - 12.30 PM EDT

Embracing growth in the era of AI in SEO!

Join SE Ranking for another day full of SEO and growth hacking for your digital marketing agency. Gain a 360° view of how to amplify your agency's digital footprint.

Book your virtual spot to:
🔹 Get expert advice on how to scale your digital agency.
🔹 Stay informed on the latest SEO trends and how to adapt.
🔹 Discover proven strategies for outranking your SEO competitors.


9:00 EDT / 15:00 CEST
ChatGPT and SEO: Enhancing Content Quality and Relevance
Jonjo Rowlands
  • Explanation of ChatGPT’s Operational Mechanisms
  • Analysis of ChatGPT’s Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Enhancing Prompting Techniques for Optimal Results
  • Humanizing AI-generated Content
  • Leveraging ChatGPT for Content Creation
  • Addressing AI in Client Conversations
9:50 EDT / 15:50 CEST
Building Digital Brand Authority through AI-Driven SEO and Content Marketing
Juntae DeLane
Founder & Chief Strategist at Digital Delane
  • Integrating AI for Enhanced Digital Branding
  • Data-Driven Marketing for Impactful Engagement
10:40 EDT / 16:40 CEST
Maximizing Client Lifetime Value with Advanced SEO Strategies
Annika Haataja
SEO Director at Seeker Digital
  • Metrics & goals
  • Specific examples of advanced SEO strategies
  • Renewal power of new strategies: Addressing the “client taking the strategy elsewhere” risk/concern
  • High-value SEO projects & CLV
  • Understanding team capabilities & client structure: Are we filling the correct gaps?
  • “Surprise & delight” tactics
11:20 EDT / 17:20 CEST
Mastering XPath for SEO: Data Extraction Techniques
David Gossage
SEO Manager at Click Consult
  • Develop comprehensive expertise in Xpath: Spanning from introductory to advanced levels
  • Employ different techniques to harvest extensive content from various websites in bulk quantities efficiently
12:00 EDT / 18:00 CEST
Advanced SEO Reporting: Tools, Tips, and Techniques
Dana DiTomaso
Founder & Lead Instructor at KP Playbook
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