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Here what we believe should come for free or be available within the budget of Raven Tools Pro
SE Ranking
Instant Rankings Check
Local Ranking Tracking
Competitors Rankings
Website Audit Pages Limit
15,000 pages limit per a website
SEO Audit Limits
1,000 limit per a website
White Label Model
Mult-User Management
IT, PT, RO, 中国
Admin Area Languages
Fully functional Demo

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Our subjective conclusion

Raven Tools’ focus is to gather the data from your Google Search Console, Google Analytics and AdWords as well as such Social networks as Facebook and Twitter. Not that it makes sense to reinvent the wheel if there is an opportunity to enjoy the data that is available, but thoroughly interpreting it for the practical SEO purposes is not a bad idea either. For USD 99/month being their cheapest Plan.

The backlinks management, which is certainly of critical importance to any practicing SEO expert, is powered by Majestic and MOZ, more could have been done by Raven Tools for further analysis of the discovered links, creating disavow lists, filtering and other processing opportunities.

The ranking data comes with a few days delay and not always precise. Yahoo rankings are not available. There is no way to match your SEO work and its progress on the rankings unless you can track the positions in a timely manner. SE Ranking offers tracking rankings as frequently as on a daily basis. But you can re-check these manually any time.

Plain facts prove that Raven Tools, one of the pioneers in the SEO tools industry back in 2007, has been so far unable to keep up with the current demands and high standards set by the competitors, including SE Ranking. We will transfer your current Raven Tools projects free of charge.

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