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Domain Age
Domain age refers to the number of years a given domain has been registered. In other words, it shows how old a given website is.
Domain Creation Date
Domain creation date refers to the exact date and time when a given domain was first registered.
Domain Expiration Date
Domain expiration date refers to the exact date and time when the current domain ownership will end, meaning it will once again be available for purchase.
Last Update
The date of the most recent domain WHOIS record update lets you know exactly when any changes were last made to a given domain.
Domain Traffic
Domain traffic refers to the total number of monthly visitors from organic and paid search.
How to use this domain age checker
The Domain Age Checker from SE Ranking is very intuitive, and does not require you to jump through any hoops to learn a domain’s age.

With this free website age checker tool, you are at liberty to check one domain at a time or perform bulk analysis by entering up to 20 websites and checking their statistics in one go.

Just enter the domain(s) you’re interested in to get details on its age along with other age-related data. Once they’re analyzed and the table with the report opens up, you’ll see the domain creation/expiration dates, registrar, date of the last update, and more. If you click on domain traffic, you’ll be navigated to our platforms where you’ll see detailed data on each domain’s organic and paid traffic.
What is domain age
The age of a domain, or the age of a website, refers to the total amount of time (expressed in Years, Months, and Days) a domain has existed.
Why check domain age
One of the main reasons why digital marketers use domain age checker, or website age checker tools, is to learn how old a domain is.
Domain age checker for SEO
Google’s policy today is that “domain age means nothing”. It does not affect organic search performance.

However, many SEOs believe that older domains tend to do better as domain names that have been around longer and have a history tend to have more credibility than newer domains.
Older vs younger domain name
Although Google reps claim that domain age does not help with SEO, it’s believed that older domains perform better in search.

Older sites may get a ranking boost due to a stronger backlink profile, more content and other signals. But new ones can outrank an older site, if their content and user experience is superior.


How do I find out how old a domain is?

With the help of the free Domain Age Checker tool, you can enter up to 20 domain URLs and check their age. This bulk domain age checker tool provides you with a detailed report on every analyzed domain that includes its age, creation date, expiration date, last updated on, and other metrics.

What does domain age mean?

The age of a domain determines the exact amount of time a given domain has existed and been in use for. For instance, a domain created in 2013 will be ten years old in 2023. Domain age is commonly used for SEO analysis as the older a domain is, the more history it has.

Does the age of a domain matter?

Google representative John Mueller tweeted back in 2019 that “domain age means nothing”, and this seems to be Google’s official position today. However, many SEOs see correlation between domain age and better organic performance.

When was a domain name first registered?

To find out when a domain was first registered, enter its URL into a domain age checker tool. You will see this data in the “Domain Creation Date” column.

When will a domain name expire?

To find out when a given domain will expire, enter its URL address into a website age checker tool. You will see this data in the “Domain Expiration Date” column.

What happens when a domain name expires?

Once a domain’s registration expires, all the services associated with the given domain stop working immediately. The domain will be deactivated and “parked,” indicating that its registration has expired but it remains available for reactivation.

How can you tell when a website was updated?

To learn when a website was last updated, enter its URL into a domain age checker tool. You will see this data in the “Last Update” column.