Request for Proposal Template

Simplify the process of finding and selecting contractors by downloading this sample RFP. Customize it and then prepare to receive an awesome proposal!

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Request for Proposal Template

What’s included in this Request for Proposal template?

Your company information

A brief overview of your company, including essential details about core activities and business history.

Project goals and scope of work

The list of objectives clarifying what the project aims to achieve and the description of the specific work to be performed during the project.

Deadlines and budget constraints

The estimated timeline for achieving set goals, plus information on your project’s budget.

Existing roadblocks or technical issues

The list of time, resources, or other constraints that can impact both the proposal and the project.

What you’re looking for in potential vendors

The list of factors considered when selecting a vendor, including experience, cost, and approach.

Submission requirements and questions

Guidelines for bidders that outline elements they must include in their proposals to be considered, as well as questions they should answer.

Submission instructions

Information on to whom and by what date interested individuals can submit their applications.

Contact information

Details about your company to help vendors connect and send clarifications regarding the RFP.

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Personalize this free sample Request for Proposal and find the right vendor for your business needs.

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How to use this template

To make the most of this RFP template, follow these simple steps (you can easily customize it to any project):

  • Press the Download button to save the Request For Proposal template.
  • Fill in the gaps and adjust the text for your specific project.
  • Review your customized request and save your changes.
  • Place your RFP on the website and email it to potential vendors.

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