Free Content Strategy Template

Plan your content marketing initiatives with our comprehensive content strategy template. It will help you figure out which data to look at and add to the sample document. Use it to create a convincing presentation for your client, boss or colleagues.

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Free Content Strategy Template

What’s included in the content strategy sample?

Time frame and available resources

Time frame for implementing your content strategy and the amount of human and financial resources iе will require.

SMART objectives

Measurable goals backed by historical performance analysis that contribute to your business objectives.

Target Audiences

Users personas or ICPs you’ll be targeting to attract the right people with every content piece you produce.

Content topics

Relevant topics that best match your objectives, resonate with your target audience and capture users at every stage of the buying cycle.

Distribution channels and content types

Types of content and distribution channels that best suit every topic you plan to cover.

Performance benchmarks

Pageviews, leads, booked demos and other metrics to measure the impact of every content piece on your content plan.

Rev up your content marketing with our winning content strategy template

Here’s a sneak peek of our free content strategy template. Download it, add your data, customize the template, and build your ideal content marketing strategy.

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How to use this content strategy template

This straightforward content strategy template comes with a handy guide that walks you through every step of the strategy creation process. Get actionable tips to save time and build a strategy that produces real results.

  • Click the download button to save the content strategy template to your device.
  • Do your research and fill in the gaps to shape your data-driven content strategy.
  • Carefully review your customized content roadmap.
  • Present the roadmap to potential clients, management, or team members to align everyone with your content goals.

Don’t forget to explore our guide on building a content strategy. We’ll walk you through every step, and help you build a clear vision for your future growth.

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