Hit by HCU? Danny Sullivan Reveals the Recovery Timeline

Written by
Yulia Deda
Reviewed by
Olena Karpova
Feb 14, 2024
1 min read

It’s been approximately five months since the rollout of Google’s most recent Helpful Content Update. But despite their best efforts, many websites have yet to recover from it. The question on everyone’s mind is how to overcome this stagnation and regain positions in the SERP. 

In one of his recent replies on X, Danny Sullivan further explained how the helpful content classifier works.

In fact, he repeated the following claim made by Google about how the helpful content system operates: “The algorithm is constantly looking at your content and assigning scores to it.” 

We can assume two major things from Danny’s words:

  • Your search ranking can improve anytime. This can occur even prior to the classifier’s next update.
  • Showing Google your commitment to creating quality content is key. To see improvements in your ranking positions, create high-quality content and update it on a regular basis. If your website remains void of unhelpful content over time, you can expect to earn Google’s recognition back. 

SE Ranking offers a powerful tool called Content Editor. You can use it to “unspam” your content and increase your chances of ranking higher. It can also identify plagiarized content and provide real-time feedback on how to enhance the text’s optimization score. You can even use it to analyze and improve text quality in terms of ​​grammar, punctuation, stop-word ratio, and readability.

Content Editor
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