Terms of Use

  1. General Terms
    1. This Agreement is a contract of adhesion. By registering in the Service the User becomes the subject of the Agreement and fully accepts the conditions of the Agreement.
    2. This Agreement, concluded by its acceptance, is valid in electronic form and does not oblige the parties to sign it. It is valid in the electronic form.
  2. Subject of the Agreement
    1. Pursuant to this Agreement, the Service Administration shall provide the Service and its services (hereinafter the “Service”) to the User.
    2. The User must fully read this Agreement till the moment of the registration with the Service.
    3. The Agreement shall apply to any Updates and versions of the Service.
    4. This Agreement may be unilaterally changed by the Service Administration without any restrictions whatsoever.
    5. The User fully accepts all the changes and additions of the Agreement by continuing using the Service.
    6. SE Ranking Service is a result of the intellectual work of the Service Administration. The Service Administration holds the exclusive rights for the Service, contents and any copies related to the Service.
  3. Conditions of the Service Usage
    1. In order to use the Service, the User agrees to provide reliable and full information about himself / herself on the registration form and in the private site cabinet and shall keep this information up to date. Upon completion of the registration process the User may use the selected login (unique character name of your user account) and password to access personalized area of the SE Ranking Service.
      • The login must not infringe on generally accepted norms and should not look offensive towards other users.
      • Once the login is chosen it may not be changed later.
      • The login shall be used to access the Service only by one User from one device, IP address and location at the same time.
    2. The User may create Projects after the registration in the Service. A “Project” consists of a website URL, a set of the keywords and a number of Search Engines, on which tracking, control and analysis are performed.
    3. Upon the registration in the Service the User gets a personal account that he / she may top up with money to cover the Service fees. Information about the type of services, costs and applied (used) bonuses of the account can be accessed in the Plans & Pricing section of the Service website. Payment of the paid services can be made either by a direct money transfer at 100% prepayment for the selected service according to the Pricing Plan or by topping-up of the account balance, further charged to cover the services costs.
    4. If the selected type of services in the Plans & Pricing section (subscription plan) includes multiple user seats, you may give access to the Service only to the number of Users specified in the selected subscription plan, provided that each additional User agrees to comply with the Agreement.
    5. The number of Users having access to the Service shall not exceed the limit of User seats provided by the selected subscription plan. It is possible to add more user seats through the Account in the Subscription section and by paying applicable fees as described therein.
    6. If the Service Administration detects repeated access to the Service under the same login from various locations, devices and IP addresses, the Service Administration may immediately suspend access to the Service for the relevant User and Users connected with him/her. In order to control compliance with the above-mentioned restrictions, the Service Administration does not allow technical possibility of simultaneous access to the Service from different devices and IP addresses under the same login.
    7. By registering in the Service the User consents to receive e-mails from the SE Ranking Service. These e-mails include: informational newsletters about the Service’s promotions, e-mails with the reports on the SERPs and the Service analysis and technical and marketing e-mails. User may unsubscribe from receiving newsletters at any time.
    8. The User is granted a free 14 days Trial period of the Service’s use during the first registration in the Service. The Service Administration may decide unilaterally which services and functions of the Service are available to the User during the Trial period.
    9. The paid services are considered as rendered properly and accepted by the User in the full if no reasoned claim is sent to the Service Administration within 5 (five) working days after User receives the services.
    10. The Service Administration shall provide technical assistance to the User on any questions related to the functionality of the Service and the rendered services. To receive technical support, User shall submit a request at https://help.seranking.com/
  4. Parties’ Rights and Obligations
    1. User Obligations:
      1. The User is prohibited to pass logins and password, used to access the Service, to third parties. The User is responsible for the safety and confidentiality on its own logins and password. In case of an unauthorized access to the login and the password or / and the account of the User, the User is obliged to notify the Service Administration immediately.
      2. The User is obliged not to take any actions that violate the legislation of the United Kingdom or to take any actions that may cause the Service to malfunction.
      3. The User is obliged not to use any software that allows automatic loading and processing (parsing) of the Service’s web pages in order to extract the necessary data.
      4. The User shall not sell or alienate in any way the personal Account in the SE Ranking Service to third parties.
      5. The User shall not use a Project in a manner that violates the legislation of the United Kingdom.
    2. User Rights:
      1. The User is granted access to the Service 24/7 except for when technical maintenance is performed or when emergency maintenance is required to eliminate failures or malfunctions from the Service.
      2. The User has the right to use the Service and Projects it creates within the limits of the Service’s functional possibilities and pursuant to the conditions set by the Agreement.
      3. The User has the right to top up its account balance with any amount of money in order to use the paid services of the Service.
      4. The User has the right to choose any Plan in order to use the paid services. The User must accept and cover the money transfer fees when buying a subscription for a Plan or topping up the account balance. Before making a payment the User must become familiar with the payment operators’ rules.
      5. The User has the right to submit a request to remove its account and User information stored in the system. User’s account and information will be deleted within 3 working days after the request is submitted. An alternative way to reject using the Service and remove the User information is by sending a request to the Service’s support: https://help.seranking.com/
      6. The User is notified and agrees that the Service Administration of the Service does not refund paid or unused funds, except for cases when poor, inconsistent with the Service obligations, service is delivered or as specified by the special promotion.
      7. If SE Ranking delivers poor service, Service Administration may refund the funds paid by User within 14 bank days in the same way the payment for the subscription or User’s account topping up was made.
    3. Obligations of the Service Administration
      1. The Service Administration must grant User access to the Service immediately after User registers for the Service.
      2. The Service Administration shall provide uninterrupted operation of the Service except for the cases when failures are caused by external factors outside the control of Service Administration or temporary downtimes for maintenance.
      3. The Service Administration shall secure Users’ data, including keyword search terms, without any time limits.
    4. Service Administration Rights
      1. The Service Administration reserves the right to delete Projects unilaterally, created by the User if the User’s account is not used for 60 days.
      2. The Service Administration reserves the right to change / delete a User’s account if the User’s login:
        • Violates generally-accepted and established morality norms;
        • Offensive to other visitors;
        • Contains obscene words or expressions;
        • Calls upon national discord;
        • Other cases stated in the legislation of the United Kingdom.
      3. The Service Administration reserves the right to block access to Projects User creates in case of User’s untimely payment. Three days after the service payment is overdue the rankings updates may be halted. 60 days after the Subscription payment is overdue User’s Projects are subject to deletion from the system.
      4. The Service Administration reserves the right to change, update the contents and functionality of the Service including changing its interface at any time with no prior notice to the User of any material change.
      5. The Service Administration reserves the right to pause the Service work to carry out maintenance and repair works and in case of emergencies. Service Administration shall notify the User in advance of such suspension by placing relevant information in the Service.
      6. The Service Administration is not responsible for the unlawful actions of the User when User makes payment for the paid services. The Service Administration reserves the right to halt or decline access to the SE Ranking Services unilaterally if there are suspicions that a User is involved in an unlawful action until the ascertaining of circumstances.
  5. Sides Responsibilities and Disputes Settings Procedure
    1. The Service is rendered in the existing appearance.
    2. The Service Administration is not responsible for the quality or absence of errors in the software in use.
    3. This Agreement shall be governed by, interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdome, without giving effect to its conflict of law rules.
    4. The Service Administration reserves the right to suspend User’s account unilaterally if the User fails to perform its obligations stated in clauses 3.1 of the Agreement.

      In the event that either party is unable to perform any of its obligations under this Agreement as a result of natural disasters, actions or decrees of governmental bodies, communication line failures not the fault of the affected party, or any other delay or failure which arises from causes beyond a party’s reasonable control (hereafter referred to as a “Force Majeure Event”), the party whose performance has been so affected shall immediately give notice to the other party and shall do everything reasonably possible to resume performance. Upon receipt of such notice, those obligations that cannot be performed through commercially reasonable diligence shall be suspended. If the period of nonperformance exceeds thirty (30) days from the receipt of notice of the Force Majeure Event, the party whose ability to perform has not been so affected may by giving written notice terminate this Agreement.

    5. In case any dispute or discord occurs in regards to the Agreement the Sides will attempt to sort out all the issues in the course of the discussion. The Sides are obliged to send their complaints preliminarily to one another prior to filing a claim in the court. Claims from the users are accepted in the electronic form e-mailed to [email protected] or over the legal address of the Service Administration.
  6. Other Conditions
    1. The Agreement is in force since the moment of the User’s registration and is valid till the Sides have carried out the obligations in full.
    2. Either party may terminate this Agreement if the other party materially breaches any of its representations, warranties or obligations under this Agreement or commits another material breach.
    3. Independent Contractor. Nothing in this Agreement establishes or should be construed to create a partnership, joint venture, association, or agency relationship between Service Administration and User or to impose any liability attributable to such a relationship upon either party. The parties to this Agreement are independent contracting parties and nothing herein will be construed as creating an employment relationship between the parties. The parties are solely responsible for the payment of any and all wages, taxes, withholdings, contributions, unemployment insurance payments, and other sums due to their employees in connection with their activities hereunder. Neither party has the power or authority to assume or create any obligation or liability on the other party’s behalf.
  7. Guarantees
    1. The Service Administration is not responsible and does not give guarantees (incl. guarantees on the copyrights and availability for certain aims) for any information or services acquired through the Internet even if these are available on own Service resources.
    2. The Service Administration is not responsible for direct or indirect losses incurred by User as a result of errors, omissions, interruptions in operation, or other similar issues. The Service Administration does not guarantee operationability of remote networks or payment POS / systems, that allow User’s access to the services, their payments and the functionality of which does not depend on activity or inactivity of the Service Administration.
    3. The User and the Service Administration guarantee that they:
      • Enter the Agreement voluntarily;
      • Acquainted with all the conditions of the Agreement;
      • Completely understand and accept the subject of the Agreement;
      • Hold all the rights and powers needed to enter and execute the current contract.
    4. Entire Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the sole and exclusive agreement between the parties and supersedes and cancels any and all prior or contemporaneous agreements or contracts, whether written or oral.
  8. Legal Address and Requisites

    All required communications shall be in writing, in English.

    If needed, the correspondence should be mailed to Service Administration:

    22 Great Marlborough Street,
    London, UK W1F 7HU
    +44 20 3868 1173

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Sebastian Weidner
CEO at Rankingdoc

The choice of SEO tools is huge and the range of services and prices is also wide. We were looking for a tool that supports us in our daily work in the best possible way, offers a high usability, extensive functionality and a fair price at the same time. SE Ranking meets these requirements perfectly and we do not want to miss this tool anymore in order to push the rankings of our customers.

Jan B.
Owner at JB Online Marketing
Real value for great price

Clear view of rankings and positions, site audit tool for quick scan and backlink checker are very useful. I use it a lot and also use the lead generator to get a free scan for potential clients which runs automated when they fill in the form. The dashboard gives you a good view of changes in traffic and positions. The marketing plan is a bit simple but it gives you some direction of what to do first on the website and you can also check the boxes when you finished a task which works very well

Giannis Koutsopoulos
CEO at AboutHotelier
Best seo tool a company could have

SE Ranking is the best seo platform our company has used so far. The interface of the platform is great & user-friendly. The available options are many. From tracking rankings, monitoring backlinks, keyword research to competitor analysis and website audit, everything we need to optimize our sites is just one click away. Also, for any questions or anything else we needed, the live support team replied & helped me with straight away.

Bram van den Heuvel
CEO at Brijn Webproducts BV
Excellent SEO tool for keeping track of customers

I like the automatic reports best. They are very much customisable until customer level and of course have the ability to style it to your own. This makes it easier for us, as we don’t have to make them manually anymore. Apart from that the tools inside SE Ranking are great for a quick analyses or where you want, go in to the dept.

Florian Bierschenk
Online Marketing Manager at charly.education
Good SEO Tool for small size business

I was used to work with Tools like Sistrix, Ahrefs or Searchmetrics and did not know about SE Ranking before. But those tools were too cost-intensive for a small and quick start into SEO so I tried it out and I am quite satisfied with it. I like the ability to pay for certain services with credits, as I am not using them on a very frequent level, so it actually gives me greater flexibility to only use them when needed and not paying for them even when not using them.

Nirina M. Razanamparany
Software Engineer | Co-Founder at Code & Scale
A very complete SEO Tool

The tool is very complete: keywords planning and tracking, backlinks analysis, competitions research… A very few SEO software provides all those features in this price range. Although, the customer experience is optimal: the UI is clear and intuitive and SE Ranking’s people are very kind, empathic and helpful.

I also loved that, before ever reaching out to ask for a trial account or set up a sales call, they have a demo account where you can actually play with the tool and see what the features look like beyond just a screenshot.

Joe David
Founder & Marketing Consultant at Rochallor Digital
Most comprehensive SEO tool I’ve used

I like the competition analysis tools, it provides paid and organic data, which gives me an idea on how to catch up and outrank the immediate competition for my clients. It also provides data for the potential traffic, which helps show clients the potential gains of the campaign. And with the marketing plan, I know what needs to be improved in order to get results for my clients.

Harm Hendriks
Owner at Premium Online
Perfect fit for our marketing agency

After trying a lot (10+ years of experience) SE ranking stands out on top of others because it combines everything we need for our clients. We do only provide the client with rankings, but also with the potential traffic (and revenue) of those ranking when they hit top 3 in Google. The tool let us provide the client with in depth analysis of the technical stuff ánd a marketing plan tool, so we can set goals and follow a checklist of monthly activities. And to top it all off it’s fully whitelabel.

John Sammon
Founder and CEO at Sixth City Marketing
SE Ranking helped our business increase efficiency and efficacy

We’ve used other tools in the past, but SE Ranking offers more up-to-date data and information, which benefits our agency and clients. SE Ranking allows us to access historical data with just a few clicks without ever having to leave the interface. From daily ranking updates to current search volume trends, there are numerous aspects that are essential when formulating client strategies, and with SE Ranking’s continuously updated system we are able to use this data to help our clients succeed.

Jason Barnard
Digital Consultant Marketing at Kalicube
SE Ranking is my go-to platform for SEO

It does all the important jobs incredibly well and reliably with no fuss. Site audit, Google rank tracking, traffic analysis, competitive analysis… Every step of the setup and the reporting is intuitive, and is accompanied by clear and helpful advice. And the rare times I have had the slightest problem, their client support is quick, helpful and efficient (best in the market!). All of which adds to a no-fuss, high performance platform for an expert like myself, and also the perfect tool for anyone still getting up to speed on SEO. 100% recommended.

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