Privacy Policy

SE Ranking is fully respecting privacy of our users.
This Privacy Policy is an outline of how we are collecting, maintaining and treating the information obtained from the users.

Users’ personal data

There is an option given to the users to provide us their emails, social media profiles and the website domains they are administrating. We don’t share this data with third parties for any reasons besides what is needed to complete users projects. The information is given under full user’s consent and strictly voluntarily. The data provided is used for the system updates announcements, within user’s projects and for the software enhancement purposes.


The users may unsubscribe from SE Ranking communications following the unsubscribe link that’s included in our announcements.


We will disclose user’s personal information following law enforcement order such as subpoena and so forth. The personal information will be also disclosed in case there is a reasonable and grounded threat to our legitimate users.

Access and maintenance

Emails and other personal data is securely stored with limited access to the service authorised employees. Users login information is encrypted and maintained in in the highly secured environment.

Outside services

SE Ranking uses third party providers to complete services given in the app. The outside provides treat users’ data according to clauses in their Privacy Policy. The outside services are listed below.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is subject to change without prior notice and is publicly available on our website. Any changes will be posted to the site immediately upon amendments. The most recent version has been updated on March 20, 2018.


Anyone using SE Ranking Pro is consenting to this Privacy Policy as well as to the third party service providers’.

Questions about this policy should be addressed via this form.

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