Keyword Research and Suggestion Tool

Pick the right keywords to target in your SEO and PPC campaigns

The tool can help you
Analyze core keyword parameters

Difficulty score
Get an idea of how difficult it will be to get a web page to Google page one by targeting a specific keyword. As a rule of thumb, keywords targeted by websites with high domain authority will have a higher difficulty score.

Search volume
Find out how many monthly organic searches the selected keyword gets on Google. Additionally, you can see the search volume dynamics, as in how the number of searches has changed over the past twelve months.

CPC and paid competition
Discover the average price of a click you would pay in a pay-per-click (PPC) Google Ads marketing campaign. Additionally, you can see CPC data for other regions to have a better understanding of how competitive the keyword is globally.
Pick the right keywords
Build your new project’s semantic core from scratch
Update and expand the semantic core of an existing website

Keywords similar to the target keyword that often contain the search term under analysis

Related keywords that are associated with the same high-ranking pages as the target keyword
Search suggestions are popular search queries that you see below the search box when running a search on Google. They are often long-tail and have a low search volume
Assess the competition
When picking keywords to target in search campaigns, you immediately see who you’ll have to go up against in organic and paid search
Analyze your competitors’ paid campaigns history
Get a preview of the ads your competitors run to promote the analyzed keyword
Find out which competitor ads turned out to be more popular and effective
Bulk keyword analysis
Need to analyze hundreds or even thousands of keywords fast? With bulk keyword analysis, you don’t have to worry that it will take you ages to get it done. Analyze search queries in groups and get a full report containing comprehensive data on all your keywords in a matter of seconds.
Use one of the largest databases on the market
Flexible pricing




Unlimited no. of websites

2,500 keywords

250,000 pages for website audit




Unlimited no. of websites

1,000 keywords

150,000 pages for website audit




10 websites

250 keywords

25,000 pages for website audit

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Ideal SEO and PPC Tool for Professionals

When it comes to SEO, specifically competitor analysis and keyword research, SE Ranking is the go to tool for all your queries. The brand new updated dashboard (July 2020 release) provides incredible data and insights that is a beauty to look at with its new redesign. Not to forget about the backlink analysis which also had been updated and deep backlink data for your site and your competitors. The team regularly updates with new features and enhancements.

Nilpawan G.
Bang for the buck SEO tool

SE Ranking does a daily update of your keyword positions and has the possiblity to track the visibility of a project. Also, I really like it that you can create a project and than add up to 5 different search engines (for example regions) to track within that project.
The SEO research tool is also really great. It gives a lot of useful information and great insights. We often use the data for good performing pages of competitors and we use exports of the data for keyword researches.

Jarik O
One to watch

The keyword rankings seem fairly accurate and the plans are quite generous in the amount of keywords and websites you can track, even on the lower budget plans. The research tools can also be very useful for competitor and keyword research, especially monitoring competitor Google Ads across domains and keyword groups.

Jacob S
I like it!

Easy to use, powerful website audit tools, easy to track keyword UI, great keyword research tool.

Jeremy C
Join over 400,000+ users
You are in good company

More features to explore

Page Changes Monitoring

  • Get immediate notifications when a change is made to a web page
  • Compare changes against two scanning dates
  • Understand the reasons behind rankings fluctuations

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On-Page Checker

  • Analyze the target URL for the target keyword
  • Provides technical, content, link, and many other types of analysis
  • View such analyzed parameters as “passed”, “warnings” and “errors”
  • Use practical tips to solve issues and eliminate warnings

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Lead Generator

  • Add a customized widget to your website
  • Offer a free on-page SEO audit to your visitors
  • Collect info on visitors to convert them into clients

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Keyword Grouper

  • Analyze and group search queries that match the same website’s URL
  • Group keywords regardless of the location
  • Check the search volume right on spot
  • Easily group long-tail search queries

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Backlink Checker

  • Analyze each link against 15 SEO parameters
  • Discover your and your competitors’ backlink profiles
  • Export backlinks to the Backlink Monitoring tool
  • Base your backlink profile structure on valuable SEO factors

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Social Media Management

  • Schedule automatic social media posting
  • Analyze key metrics
  • Facebook & Twitter management
  • Analyze social media user demographics

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White Label

  • Customizable domain logo, header, footer, color scheme, and much more
  • Set automated or manually generated branded reports
  • Custom access to different SEO facilities
  • Use your own domain via separate personal access

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Marketing Plan

  • Comprehensive checklist with tips and guidelines
  • Regularly updated materials
  • Create custom tasks
  • Track your progress

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SEO/PPC Competitor Research

  • Discover competitors by keywords, domains, subdomains, and URLs
  • Analyze the Ads advertising history
  • Get a list of all your competitors in the search results
  • Get ideas for alternative keywords for your ad campaign and organic promotion

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Website Audit

  • Analyze all of your pages against key SEO parameters
  • Compare previous crawls
  • Solve issues by following our guidelines
  • Study analyzed parameters categorized as “passed”, “warnings” and “errors”

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