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Why use SE Ranking’s Google Rank Checker?

Get more more data with our Google rank tracker. Find all the info you need about your Google website rankings in simple tables and graphs.

  • Position in Google

    Position in Google Get 100% accurate data on a daily basis

  • Target URL

    Target URL Check target URLs to quickly spot cannibalization issues

  • SERP features

    SERP features Find all SERP features for the target query with our Google checker

  • Search volume

    Search volume Get the monthly traffic potential for a keyword to prioritize your work

  • Traffic forecast

    Traffic forecast Get an estimate of how much traffic a keyword can drive to your site

  • Dynamics

    Dynamics Examine how many SERP positions the site gained or lost

  • Google Ads

    Google Ads Find Google Ads rank for all focus keywords

  • Local Pack

    Local Pack Check Local Pack for your target keywords

  • Grouping and Tagging

    Grouping and Tagging Tag keywords and group them for better tracking


All of your organic performance data in one tool

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Monitor the competitive landscape and analyze your rivals to stay ahead
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Search visibility refers to the share of impressions for a search query entered in a search engine. This metric informs you of your site’s SEO visibility in comparison to organic competitors for the keywords you're tracking in Google.
SERP competitors
Examine the top 100 competitors for tracked queries in Google. This list contains all of the top organic results for a search query, including your own pages as well as those of your direct and indirect competitors.
Direct competitors
Select up to 20 competitors and see how their Google rankings change over time. Track the same data as you would for your own site and receive free daily updates on their performance for target keywords.

Analyze rival websites and gain valuable SEO insights

What is Google Rank Checker?

Check Google rankings
Google Rank Checker is an SEO tool designed to provide comprehensive data on your Google rankings in both organic and paid search for any location, mobile or desktop. The tool shows 100% accurate data on Google rankings, along with their SERP features, search volume, traffic forecast, etc. You can test the tool by checking Google keyword rankings for your URL right on this landing page for free.

How to use Google Rank Checker

Discover your search engine positions in a matter of seconds using the free Google Rank Checker. Simply enter a domain or URL, input up to five queries, select the location to check the results in, and choose the language of the SERP. After clicking the button, you will receive ranking results instantly and for free.

If you want more detailed ranking data, including essential metrics like traffic forecast, search volume, SERP features, position dynamics, and competitor rankings, consider trying the platform’s complete edition of the Rank Tracker tool.

Can I use your Google position checker for free?

Yes, go ahead and check your Google rankings right on this landing page free of charge. Get the most out of our tool and 30+ other modules by getting a subscription, which comes with a 14-day free trial.

How can I check my Google rankings?

You can check your rankings manually or by using tools like Google Search Console or SE Ranking’s Rank Checker. The main benefits of the second tool include 100% accurate data on Google rankings, along with their SERP features, search volume, traffic forecast, etc.

How do you find keywords that are currently driving traffic from Google?

To identify keywords that provide the most traffic, you can use free tools like Google Search Console or Google Rank Checker that will show you all the details for each keyword like your accurate position and its dynamics, search volume, SERP features, and even a Content Score for ranking URLs.

How can I improve my Google rankings faster?

There is no magic solution to speeding up your Google ranking process because several factors are at play. Google will reward you, however, for writing people-oriented content and combining both on-page and off-page best practices.

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