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Dec 13, 2018

Were you missing our monthly updates about new releases? We bet you did and we missed sharing them with you too! That’s why we’ve decided to collect all of them in one digest. This way you’ll get a chance to savor all the new things we’ve rolled out in the last three months. Behold – we’ve got a lot of news to share and so the post ahead is pretty lengthy!

Let’s start with the most noticeable ones – most likely you’ve checked them out already.

The New Website Audit

Back in October, we’ve presented a completely re-wired Website Audit. The facelifted tool now offers the following:

  • A more intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • The 10-times faster site scanning with the ability to regulate the speed in the settings.
  • An option to create an XML-sitemap just in a few clicks.
  • An absolutely new tab called “Crawled pages” that shows all the pages of your sites, the external links and the images that were scanned as well as the results of their audit.
  • A review and comparison of the reports for different periods of time.
  • An option to set a scanning schedule.
  • The ability to choose the source of the pages for the audit.
  • An option to use the pre-set scanning rules or the ones you’ve created on your own.
  • Custom parser settings and an option to set the scanning limits.
  • An ability to set the parameters for the audit reports.

All of the above in details is described in our video-review or a dedicated blog post.

The new databases, and the biggest databases in the Competitor SEO/PPC research tool available on the market today

As many of you know up until November 2018 our beloved Competitor SEO/PPC tool worked only with the Google databases available in 15 countries. But November became a turning point in our development of this tool as we’ve rolled out the following:

  • Added the following country databases: Sweden, Norway, and Finland (over 16 million keywords combined), and just a few days ago – Ireland, New Zealand and Singapore (46 million keywords combined). Also, we’ve cleaned the US database.
  • The section “Competitors” now works 70% faster than before – the traffic information opens up within seconds.

It’s time to test all of it on your own – go ahead!

The new version of API – the fourth release

The newest version of our API is now available to all users who work with a large volume of data. What’s so different in this 4th edition:

  • Now you can access almost all and any sections of SE Ranking via API (before it was open to the “Rankings” only).
  • It’s much easier now to get API-key.

All the details are in this page.

Business-listings in the Marketing Plan

Check out the new option “Business listings” that we’ve added to our Marketing Plan. That’s a library of the local listings where you can post a link to your site which in turn improves your rankings. You can choose the resources from the list collected per region or review the listings available for the specific country.

Facelift in “Rankings”

We really hope you’ll appreciate our effort in making your user experience the best possible. We reviewed your feedback as well as the best practices and came up with a solution that we feel is enhancing both UX (user experience) and UI (user interface). Our goal was to create an interface that offers only valuable information presented in an easy-read format. Take a quick look at the results.

rankings section design

The re-design brought along some new useful options:

  • Compare the rankings for different dates. To do so click the calendar icon, pick “Compare by dates” and choose the dates you need the comparison for. Now you can compare up to 12 dates (versus the previous release that limited you to 2 dates only).

comparing by dates

  1. See the ranking dynamics for the keyword presented in the diagram. Just click the keyword you want to review.rankings diagram
  1. Add keywords. In the past, before we did the re-design, if you wanted to add the keywords to the section “Rankings” you had to go to project settings and add them from there. Now, you can add keywords right from the project’s page.add keywords button
  1. Build a diagram. Now you can build a diagram in the tab “General” to reflect the percentage of the queries in TOP10. The diagram could be created for all keywords or for the specific groups of keywords.  

TOP 100

And here is a cherry on the pie! We’ve saved this announcement for the last because the new tool that we are planning to fully release at the beginning of next year is out for testing and we need your feedback to make it perfect.

The freshly re-designed section “Rankings” got an addition called TOP 100 that holds the history of TOP 100 for the project’s keywords. The historical data is available for a year starting the date when the project was created.

This option enables you to check the position dynamics of your site as well as the entire TOP 100, compare the results, analyze the SERP for any location and any keyword that was added to the project within a specific period of time.

Click on the icon next to the keyword you want to analyze and access the TOP 100 section as shown on the screen below:

top 100 button

The inside of the section looks like that:

top 100 interface

We are planning to post a detailed update very soon but here are a few words about bells and whistles that this option offers. TOP-100 allows you to check how the positions changed over a specific period of time or for specific dates, for any keyword or a search engine from your project. You can tag the domains to quickly identify who’s who in SERP (for example your competitors or your own satellites), highlight the data you need and export it if necessary.

This section is in the process of getting polished. However, you can test some of the functionality that’s already available and tell us what you think!

Alright, this is it. Not that bad, eh?

As always – your feedback is highly appreciated – call us, send us a chat, shoot us an email or post your comment in our Facebook Community. Happy SEO everyone!

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  1. Does this tool tell you how many pages you have on your website?

    1. Sure! It shows the number of pages as well as external links, images and their analysis against the most important SEO parameters.

  2. Love the tool! Excited to use it, but also waiting for Switzerland ☺️

    1. Thank you! We’re going to add all databases so please stay tuned 😉

  3. That’s great, guys! Waiting for Poland database 🙂

    1. We’ve just releases database for Poland. So you can check it.

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