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Stasia Avetysian

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Stasia Avetysian
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Stasia is the brand communications manager at SE Ranking. Before assuming this role, she was actually a part of our content team for several years and still continues to write for our blog every now and then. Given the experience under her belt, you are welcome to ask her anything you want about our platform, content marketing, communications, and even philosophy. That’s right, Stasia has a PhD in Philosophy and can professionally explain complex things in simple words.
SE Ranking News
Apr 20, 2020

SE Ranking is among the best software solutions. Thanks to you!

Just a few days ago, the largest reputational platform for SaaS projects–G2–summed up the results of 2019-2020, and It turned out we’ve been featured in three listings among top software products for marketers, top fastest-growing products, and top businesses with the highest satisfaction rate. This is an accomplishment that we accredit to you, and in this post, we explain why.
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SEO Strategy
Dec 12, 2019

10 most common SEO issues to avoid

We've scanned over 80,000 websites with our Website Audit tool within the last 12 months. Upon analyzing the reports on each one of them, we compiled a list of the most common SEO issues. This post is for everyone who prefers to learn from other people's mistakes. Check out what problems you most likely have on your website and learn how to fix them.
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