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Julia is a content marketer with 10 years of experience in journalism, copywriting, advertising, and PR. She shares her knowledge and experience by creating helpful articles on SEO and digital marketing for SE Ranking blog and popular media. When Julia is not writing articles, she learns new asanas, travels, and as a volunteer helps YWCA with empowering women.
Technical SEO
Aug 29, 2022 Updated

6 Things You Should Check On Your Domain to Get to the Top

Buying a domain is like buying a used car. It may look new and pretty at first glance, but it’s better to give it a thorough check and look under the hood before making the final decision. The same goes for domains — to boost its chances of having SEO success, multiple parameters must be checked up on like age, history, authority, and name.
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SEO Strategy
Jan 18, 2021

SEO metrics and KPIs: what to track and why

Have you ever wondered why is it so important to evaluate SEO performance by monitoring a customer-oriented set of metrics? Firstly, you’ll be able to show the results of your work; and, secondly, you will know for yourself whether you’re going in the right direction. Therefore, we’ve come close to a stumbling point – how to measure SEO, what should we track and why?
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SE Ranking News
Oct 09, 2019

SE Ranking updates: September 2019

In September, we fully transformed the Analytics & Traffic module, tweaked the Report Builder, localized the website to Spanish + launch the Spanish blog, translated the website into Portuguese, added a new feature to the SEO/PPC Competitor Research tool (we’ll send out an email about it soon), and made changes to the Rankings module. Read more in the post.
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Jul 15, 2019

How to make your content go viral without cats and babies

What makes content go viral? Here you will learn what kind of people are hitting share button, what content they choose to share and why they actually do this. Spoiler alert: the article’s length or number of images isn’t as important as the emotions people feel when reading it.
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SE Ranking News
Dec 13, 2018

SE Ranking updates: Fall 2018

Were you missing our monthly updates about new releases? We bet you did and we missed sharing them with you too! That’s why we’ve decided to collect all of them in one digest. This way you’ll get a chance to savor all the new things we’ve rolled out in the last three months. Behold – we’ve got a lot of news to share and so the post ahead is pretty lengthy!
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