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Jan 08, 2019 | 5 min read

Have you noticed that most of our latest platform updates have been inspired by our clients – more precisely by you? Your feedback drove the best improvements up to date that’s why we’ve decided to use this customer-driven approach in choosing a partner tool to integrate with. After the voting in our SE Ranking Community and analyzing your request via support we’ve got the winner – a reporting tool Reportz. Read below to find out how to benefit from this integration.

What is Reportz?

Reportz is a simple white label reporting tool that allows tracking data from your analytics tools and create reports in one place. Among its main features is automation, accessing data in real-time and seamless integration with your favourite marketing tools.

If you deal with different marketing reports all the time, you definitely know how much time needed for creating and sending reports to your clients. Reportz.io enables tracking data from digital marketing analytic tools, creating automatic reports and sharing them whenever you need. For instance, you can create a custom dashboard aggregating different metrics from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SE Ranking and Facebook. Dashboard customization options also include personal modifications such as tying it to your own domain, choosing a logo, fonts, and colours so it would look like your own agency’s crafted report.

Reportz.io allows you creating SEO, PPC and social media reports by simply selecting the tools from the integration list that includes nearly 20 the most popular marketing tools and data sources.

How the integration with SE Ranking works

Reportz.io integration with SE Ranking allows you to analyze and track real-time positions of your website’s and competitor’s keywords in an organic and paid search using clean and comprehensive reports. Here are the options to choose from to get the most precise rankings:

  • Check organic or paid search results.
  • Check Google/Yahoo/Bing or YouTube rankings.
  • Choose a location you need – country, city, zip-code.
  • Check desktop or mobile results.

Given that SE Ranking’s bots check website positions stimulating the user’s behaviour with no browsing history, you can get accurate rankings for a precisely targeted location. Reportz dashboard shows you this data in a few minutes right as you want it to see – all the charts will be customized according to your needs.

  1. First, you need to have SE Ranking API key (token). You can generate it from your SE Ranking user account. Log in to the user account; go to Settings -> API and click the “Generate API Key” button.
    Note: In order to use API, you should have the Enterprise SE Ranking plan.generate-api-se-ranking
  2. Then you should go to the Sources page in Reportz app, and add SE Ranking API key. After that, choose which site you want to track, and which widget you want to add (at the moment, you can select “custom”).reportz-and-se-ranking
  3. Then you can choose whether you want to track your rival’s rankings, choose it to include or exclude this data from the dashboard by leaving this field empty.
  4. Next step will be to select the search engine and location.
    Note: You will be able to choose only the search engines and locations that are already associated with your site in SE Ranking. The same applies to your competitors’ rankings. se-rannkig-selecting-widget
  5. You can choose whether to see the current ranking, the price, ads position and map position for particular keywords, or average values for the group of keywords for a specific day or month.se-ranking-data-to-reportz


SE Ranking and Reportz.io integration allow you easily manage website ranking reports – track website rankings, compare them to your competitors’; analyze all the changes that take place in keyword positions, and what’s the most important – automate data reporting you and your clients get.

Here are some benefits of using this integration:

  • Reportz.io was created by an SEO agency so it totally meets the needs and demands of digital agencies.
  • According to Reportz internal data, each dashboard saves you an average of 4 hours per month that you or your colleagues spend on creating marketing reports manually.
  • All the customized reports can be easily shared with your clients automatically.
  • You can suggest your own integration in case you don’t find the tool you need in the list – Reportz developers add the new tools quite often.
  • Free White Label (branding) option and predefined templates for different marketing campaigns and strategies.

As for now, you can see website positions data from SE Ranking in your Reportz dashboard. The options are constantly upgraded and expanded – stay tuned for updates in functionality. Read more about this integration here. To use Reportz, sign up for a 15-day free trial, test it and then get your first dashboard for $7.

Our partnership with Reportz is the first step to accurate and flawless SEO progress tracking. Only being able to work with accurate data, analyze your rankings and competitor strategies, presented neatly in simple reports, you can boost your marketing efforts and occupy the top place in your niche.

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    1. Sure! Join the webinar on Tuesday, February 5th 2019 ar 5:00PM GMT if you want to know how to get started with Reportz.io and to set up your account. Here is a link –

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