How SE Ranking helps marketing agencies build rapport with clients

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Kseniia Kyslova
May 23, 2022
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The Agency

JOUR J is a digital communication agency from Grenoble, France. They help businesses to grow their online visibility through SEO and digital marketing (including content creation, social media management, building advertising and email campaigns, etc). The agency works with both enterprise companies and SMBs.


  • Convince clients to invest in SEO despite the fact it may take up to 6 months to get results. 
  • Track performance for several projects while providing timely reports to every client.
  • Carve out time to optimize the agency’s site while working on clients’ projects.


Sandra Barbet, Associate Director of JOUR J, told us about how the agency uses SE Ranking to build SEO strategies for clients, craft realistic projections, and report on the results.   

1. Relieve client’s anxiety about SEO

The JOUR J team relies a lot on content marketing and SEO to improve the online visibility of the sites of their clients. For years, these two branches of digital marketing proved to be effective and reliable for them. A bunch of successful marketing campaigns in the agency’s portfolio allows the team to be pretty confident in their projections and actions. 

Having seen cases when an SEO and content marketing campaigns helped new sites go from 0 to 20k in organic visits/month within a year, we can confidently say to clients that they can count on getting results from SEO.

Still, not every client is aware of how SEO works, and is willing to wait patiently for several months before being able to reap the benefits. They feel hesitant about putting their efforts into the site redesign, optimization, creation, and distribution of content without a guarantee that it will pay off in the end.

SE Ranking helps the agency to make realistic estimates of the results they can achieve for every client and dispel their doubts:

  • The Keyword Research tool allows the team to analyze if there are keywords their clients are likely to rank high within a short time, and estimate how much traffic they can receive. When doing the keyword research, JOUR J marketers look for the balance between the keyword’s search volume and difficulty score.
Enter a search term and find untapped keyword opportunities to make your site more visible in search.
  • The Competitive Research tool helps the team study the client’s niche SEO landscape and digital marketing trends as well as analyze competitors’ strategies and learn from their gains and losses. Everything the competitors are doing can be retrieved from the data provided in the tool. So the team can observe the practices used by competitors both retrospectively and live. 
Who are your closest rivals and how do they position themselves in search? It's time to find out.
  • The Keyword Rank Tracker tool helps in monitoring performance of the clients’ projects as well as the agency’s own website. A possibility to group keywords by folders, tag them helps to organize the work. And thanks to the well-out-thought UX, the team can estimate the dynamics of how their target URLs are ranking for certain keywords within just minutes. 
  • The Report Builder allows the team to create and deliver professional reports on the progress being made by the client’s website in every aspect of SEO. So clients feel that they are following the process and can trust the agency on the provided estimations.  

Also, there are features in the Keyword Rank Tracker and the Competitive Research tool allowing users to see the retrospective, i.e. historical data on rankings, domain’s traffic, keywords, etc. Such a functionality comes in handy not only in the stage of competitive analysis. It helps to calm clients down when they are shocked by a sudden ranking drop––through the tool the agency team can showcase to clients that such drops can occur on competitive websites and be successfully overcome.  

JOUR J marketers are well aware of the importance of building trust with their clients. They strive to be clear and transparent about the action plans they suggest and predictions they make. SE Ranking helps them have the necessary data on hand to justify their ideas.

“We had benchmarked several SEO tools against a set of criteria and thoroughly tested them before we opted for SE Ranking. This software proved to be the best choice.”

2. Be on the same page with clients

One of the most complicated things in SEO is understanding what causes fluctuations to the keyword rankings in every particular case. There are so many factors that can come into play: site-wide updates, competitor’s actions, changes in Google’s algorithms, and more. It’s even more difficult to explain what’s going on to clients.

The JOUR J agency uses SE Ranking to monitor clients’ site positions in SERPs and measure interim results of SEO. The tool checks rankings daily and allows adding notes about significant events that can potentially cause fluctuations. The team can notice jumps and drops in rankings right when they happen and make reasonable assumptions about the cause.

To keep clients in the loop, the agency leverages SE Ranking’s Report Builder tool. The tool allows the team to craft visually-appealing reports using customizable templates. Depending on their clients’ needs, they schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reports and the tool sends them out to clients automatically.

Automatic reporting is a huge time saver for us: we don’t have to worry about reports anymore, because SE Ranking creates them for us!

3. Have the time to SEO the agency’s own site

As the saying goes, the cobbler’s children have no shoes. This proves to be true for many marketing agencies. Being busy with managing multiple clients projects simultaneously, they often fail to pay enough attention to their own site’s SEO.

The JOUR J team managed to avoid this pitfall. Organic traffic has always been the main source of new clients for the agency. The team’s primary strategy is to create content and acquire natural links to their blog. This allows them to minimize expenses on paid ads campaigns.

When doing SEO for their own site, the agency relies on SE Ranking. They use the platform for monitoring their site’s performance in search results as well as for doing keyword research and competitor analysis. 


When ordering SEO services, companies expect agencies to lay out clear expectations, justify the strategies they suggest, and provide timely reports on the progress. The ability to meet these requirements is vital for building a rapport with clients. 

Good SEO software can help you out—it’s easier to deliver top-notch services if you can justify your action plans with data and leverage automation to get every report delivered to the client on time. 

And to wrap it all up, a quote from Sandra about what they like the most about SE Ranking: 

The tool is complete and allows me to use any SEO instrument within a single solution. Also, the tools are ergonomic and pleasant to use. The platform is transparent but it always has more things to discover

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