With SE Ranking you get simple but powerful tools for monitoring SEO-optimization results.
The service lets you effortlessly monitor the daily changes in Google, Yahoo, Bing keyword ranking for your own websites and those of your competitors.

Convenient project display

Website grouping, easily readable diagram of position dynamics and visibility, website parameters tracing. Get your website positions in all regions and search engines generated in a single table.

Trace Google, Yahoo, and Bing positions for any country and region

Flexible reporting period settings. Depth up to 1000. Possibility to trace exact URLs including subdomains.

Detailed project information

Position comparison for different dates, keeping history of relevant URLs, saving pages with search results, displaying information concerning updates, project notes, data export, etc.

Conveniently group and sort the search queries

Get access to keyword frequency display. Search results pageis one click away and is available right from the SE Ranking interface.

Google Analytics Integration for advanced analytics

Get analyzed both the traffic and the queries importance.

Detailed statistics on the competitors’ positions

Monitor your competitors for the same queries and search engines as you do for your own website. Browse all of your competitors and get access to the Top-10 Competitors list.

Financial module

Available for those who work with customers paying for keeping the query on a certain position. Import and export any data with the most popular currencies supported.

Automatically generated reports

Receive files in .pdf, .xls, or .csv.

Get additional accounts

For your team members and clients or a guest link for unauthorized positions viewing.

Comprehensive website analysis

Analyze the entire website including content, meta-tags, URL’s, technical data and many other things.

Marketing plan for your website

Get step-by-step instructions on how to create and develop an optimized project.

100 % White Label

Brand your interface and reports. Create a custom web address to access the service (e.g. mycompany.com), use email templates and your own SMTP server.


100% Accurate Results

SE Ranking is optimized to give you the best possible experience: simply choose the target region and the search engine (Yahoo, Google, Bing), and get the 100% accurate results.


Comfortable User Interface

Se Ranking utilizes a variety of statistical data and intuitive graphs to make analysis simple. The search queries can be shown in different order depending on their priority. Comments and notes can be added to projects. The interface is Retina Display optimized.


Automation and Speed

SE Ranking is a fully automated daily monitoring tool for checking positions on Google, Yahoo, Bing with instant access to statistics at any time. Need to re-check your ranking? SE Ranking offers real-time results at high speed, any time.

SE Ranking White Label

We offer White Label for SE Ranking Cloud. The user can customize his own domain to access the service: you can login through any given address, for example, rankings.company.com. All the interface of the service can be personalized, so you can upload a logo and a brand name of your company instead of the default SE Ranking logo.


Report System

Reports are compiled in PDF format and available for download anytime. You can also brand the first page of your reports with your company's logo, adding a touch of elegance and professionalism.

Advanced Integration Options

With Google Analytics integration you can monitor your website's search engine rankings side by side with the number of visits, keeping general traffic statistics always at hand!


SE Ranking PHP Version

For those who work with a number of different projects we offer a convenient script version, which facilitates an unlimited number of websites and keywords. The script can run on any VPS or Server with PHP/MySQL support.
You can also work through several different proxy types (http and socks5, with or without authorization).

The Best SEO Helper

SE Ranking can check keyword positions of your website, its subdomains and its inner pages. It can track your rankings in social networking such as FB, YouTube video and etc. With SE Ranking you’ll be equipped to monitor over 1000 keyword rankings! For your convenience, a relevance page is displayed for each keyword and you get access to a universal, multifunctional keyword rank-checking service at a reasonable price.


Anytime Access

Every SE Ranking online user gets a free mobile application for iOS and Android. It will let you check website rankings and traffic statistics whenever and wherever.

MobileApp Store MobileGoogle Play

An indispensable tool for strategy analysis

SE Ranking’s versatility allows you to automatically check your Google, Yahoo, Bing positions of your own and your competitors' websites 7 days a week, and compare the results. Assess the efficiency of your marketing strategies based on objective facts, not guess work.


Choose your SE Ranking version and start working immediately!

Try SE Ranking PHP for 14-days: If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, we’ll give you your money back!

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Nice User Interface. The data is updated instantly.
I rechecked how accurate the search terms are - everything came together!

Nick via Twitter

It's pretty comfortable as there is a division into accounts. Among the members of the project
there is no mystery, but it's still comfortable that everyone views only his website.

Sergey via VKontakte

It's convenient the service has a fixed payment. While I use it for free,
but then I will know $ 9 per month I paid and it will be enough to check my website.

Dima via VKontakte

All the search terms of all the sites are disposed on the same page.
Cheers! Those who work with different projects over your company will get me!))))

Igor via VKontakte

I use the premium plan, where're available to check 250 keywords and 10 sites.
I do not know how to use 10 websites, but I'm fine with 2 projects.

Alex via Twitter

I like that everything goes automatically. The positions are always collected
and I have never started the process manually!

Tanya via VKontakte

It is a good division into accounts. In reality you can add hundreds of profiles
and everyone will have its own password what is perfect for large companies!

Mike via Facebook

There is no limitation in keywords, websites and check.
I set up the script version and it is quite cheap taking into account the number of customers.

Dima via Facebook

There's an app for iOS. It is a trifle, but really pleasant. And what is more great,
there is the availability of the German language into the Russian-language program!

Alexander via VKontakte

Love it! A really simple way to effectively and smoothly showcase my
Portfolio without needing much time on the nitty gritty stuff

Ivan via Facebook
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