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Last Updated: January 9, 2024


This website uses cookies. 

A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a web server and stored on the user's computer.

We can create and use cookies to provide the best user experience and uninterrupted functioning of our Services. 

Cookies are commonly used by Internet resources. However, you can change your browser's cookie settings to restrict the use of cookies, but this may affect the correct functioning of our Services.

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We use the following cookies in our Services:

CookieRetention PeriodPurpose
auto_login_cookieUser’s sessionAuthorization
UID1 yearAuthentication
PHPSESSIDUser’s sessionAuthentication
first_visit30 minutesFunctionality
is_v6_plan7 daysFunctionality
country1 hourFunctionality
ad_lp21 daysFunctionality
_sid1 yearFunctionality
_cid1 yearFunctionality
intent_interest4 daysFunctionality
tier_1_21 hourFunctionality
registration_source1 yearFunctionality
affiliate120 daysFunctionality
uniq5 yearsFunctionality
se_front_version2 hoursFunctionality
SESUID6 monthsAuthorization

Within our website the following third-party cookies are used by our partners:

CookieRetention PeriodThird PartyPurpose
__lotl180 daysLuckyOrangeAnalytics
_lo_uid2 yearsLuckyOrangeAnalytics
_lo_v1 yearLuckyOrangeAnalytics
_lorid30 minutesLuckyOrangeAnalytics
_fbp3 monthsFacebookAnalytics
_fbc3 monthsFacebookAdvertising
_ga_*2 yearsGoogleAnalytics
_ga2 yearsGoogleAnalytics
_gcl_au3 monthsGoogleAdvertising
FPAU90 daysGoogleAdvertising
FPLC20 hoursGoogleAnalytics
FPID2 yearsGoogleAnalytics
FPGCLAW90 daysGoogleAdvertising
FPGSID1 dayGoogleAdvertising
IDEup to 24 monthsGoogleAdvertising
DSID14 daysGoogleAdvertising
MUID, MUIDB1 yearMicrosoftAdvertising
MR7 daysMicrosoftAdvertising
_uetvid1 yearMicrosoftAdvertising
_uetsid24 hoursMicrosoftAdvertising
_uetmsclkid90 daysMicrosoftAdvertising
_ts_yjad, A, B, XA, XB1 yearYahooAdvertising
__stripe_mid1 yearStripeFunctionality
__stripe_sid30 minutesStripeFunctionality
stripe.customerportal.csrfUser’s sessionStripeFunctionality
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