Frequently asked questions

Account and project settings

How to retrieve my password?
Click “Forgot Password” on the login page and submit the email address you’ve used when registering an account. A new password will be sent to that email.
What features are available during the trial?
The trial gives you an access to the main features of the Personal 50 Plan + White Label feature for 14 days. Contact us to request an access to all SE Ranking’s features.
Can I upgrade my subscription plan anytime?
You can upgrade at any time. To upgrade, select "Subscription" in the settings and click "Upgrade a plan". The system will recalculate the amount you need to pay extra, where applicable.
How to assign projects to sub-users?
As an administrator, you can grant the user an access to particular projects and sections. You can specify the access rights in the “Users” section.
Does SE Ranking have an API?
SE Ranking has an API. You can learn more at the API web page.


Does the number of keywords in the subscription plan refers to a single website or the entire account?
The total number of keywords is available for the entire account. The keywords can be distributed among different projects in any proportion. Each keyword can be checked in 5 search engines/locations within a project.
How to set the location where you want to track keywords?
You select the search engine and location up to a zip code in the project settings.


Which report formats are supported?
Reports are available in .pdf, .csv, .xls., .html formats.
Does SE Ranking generate scheduled reports?
Scheduled reports are available in the Reports section. White Label enables sending the scheduled reports right from your corporate email address.


Does SE Ranking allow tracking competitors’ rankings?
SE Ranking allows tracking up to 5 competitors for each project. You will be able to check the competitors' rankings for the same keywords and in the same search engines you track your own set of keywords.

Accuracy of rankings

How can I check the accuracy of rankings?
The results are taken directly from the search engines. We store the search engine results received while checking the rankings – a cached copy. To make sure that each and every value is precisely correct please click the value and it will bring up the cached copy.
Why don’t the rankings match?
When you enter the query into Google search box, the search engine will show the SERP according to your preferences and topics you are interested in. The websites that you often visit will be placed higher than the other ones. Thus, the search engine robots analyze all of the user activities depending on a search engine query and “decide” for themselves what results to show. However, if a user enters a query on a new uncharacteristic topic, for example, construction, the search engine will display general search results for all users.

Website Audit

How much time does it take to generate a website audit report?
It depends on the number of pages and whether there is a crawl delay in case the website is restricted by the robots.txt file.
Why not all of the webpages were crawled?
Please check the limits on the number of web pages per website available for a crawling in the settings.
How to run a website audit?
To run a website audit you should add a domain and start an audit or restart the old one to get the actual data.

Payment and billing details

How to pay for a subscription plan?
When you select a subscription plan, you will be transferred to the checkout page where you will be able to select the payment method and submit the payment through 2Checkout – our billing partner system.
How to stop an automatic billing?
You can disable an automatic billing in your 2checkout account It's our billing partner. The username and password were sent to you after the first payment went through. If you don't remember your 2checkout account password, please reset it.
Where can I find the invoices?
All the invoices are available in your 2checkout account: 2checkout is our billing partner. All the login details were sent to you after the first payment went through. If you don't remember your 2Checkout account password, please reset it.
Why do you charge VAT?
We have updated our country tax matrix in order to support the expansion of our global capabilities while adhering to the latest worldwide tax regulations. Therefore, 2checkout started collecting tax in India as well as other countries. Here is a list of countries where 2checkout is collecting taxes.
I want to change a method of payment, how can I do that?
You can change a method of payment in your 2checkout account: . 2checkout is our billing partner. All the login details were sent to you after the first payment went through. If you don't remember your 2Checkout account password, please reset it.

Affiliate program

Do you have an affiliate program?
We have an affiliate program. To learn more please visit our Affiliate program web page.


people Sean Si from O SE Ranking tem-me ajudado a manter o registo do posicionamento da minha empresa no que respeita ao SEO e também me permite ver os posicionamentos dos meis concorrentes.
people Simon Kloostra from Software fantástico! Considero este produto incrível na análise das palavras-chave pertinentes para o que oferecia. Foi muito fácil de instalar e é muito simples de utilizar.
people Pam Sallegue of SEO-Hacker Depois de descobrir o SE Ranking e de o experimentar com os nossos clientes, nunca mais o deixei de utilizar pelo que decidi escrever esta crítica a recomendá-lo. É uma ferramenta com um enorme potencial!
people Paul Boag from A análise de websites do SE Ranking é simplesmente incrível graças às suas coloridas e abrangentes tabelas e gráficos de posicionamentos. Podemos analisar a visibilidade da pesquisa, a previsão do tráfego e o posicionamento médio.
people Adam Connell from Simples mas fabuloso. A auditoria a websites que oferecem foi uma ajuda preciosa para melhorar os resultados do meu site.
people Sue Anne Dunlevie from Ferramenta de análise de posicionamento fantástica. A estratégia de marketing online que disponibiliza é a sua grande mais-valia: Segui os conselhos e passado pouco tempo vi o meu blog a subir no Yahoo e no Google e comecei a receber mais cliques/tráfego.
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