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Updates to our tool for tracking changes on the website – Page changes monitoring

We’ve expanded the capabilities of the Page changes monitoring tool. The newly updated tool now scans 4 additional elements:

  • Page’s Accessibility for Search Engines [Crawl element]. The tool helps to find a problem that provoked page blocking in the search engines.
  • Canonical pages [Canonical element]. If the href value of the link tag with the canonical parameter for the page is different from the address in the <link rel = “canonical” the user will be notified.
  • Alternative versions of the page [Alternate URLs element]. The tool monitors changes in the rel = “alternate” tag which helps robots to pick and display the appropriate language as well as desktop or mobile version of the same page on the website.
  • Indexing status of the page [Index status]. In case of sudden drop in rankings or a detected change in the indexing status the tool, the user will be notified right away.

Now the tool checks changes in 17 SEO parameters, including title, description, keywords; headers H1-H2; content, the number of incoming and outgoing links, a robots.txt file; and the status of the server’s response via HTTP (301, 404). The results of the scans are emailed to the user.

The full list of changes is now displayed in the “Changes” column until the user accepts them. This helps to stay tuned to any unwanted changes on the website, and fix them before the consequences like a drop in positions occur.

Add pages and elements for tracking and get instant notifications about any changes on any website you are monitoring regardless of whether they are yours, your clients’ or competitors’.

SE Ranking Page Changes Monitoring update

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