Kristina Green
Apr 24, 2017 | 3 min read

Sick and tired of wasting your time on tons of articles to find valuable answers? Check our NO BS SEO tips that do work.

Inner linking

Dreaming about speeding up a landing page promotion? Okay, get the additional horsepower from your pages that are already ranked high for the certain search queries.

What to do?

  1. Switch to the incognito mode in your browser. Enter {targeted query} site: {your site}. For example: keyword rank tracking site: You will see the pages ranked for your targeted query.
  1. Link these pages to the landing page (those one that don’t have such links yet).
  2. In a week or two, you will see the results: your landing page will get an additional weight and, as a consequence, come closer to the TOP.

Turning (unlinked) brand mentions into links

There is the fastest way to get branded links on external resources at no cost (!).

What to do?

  1. Enter your website’s name in an incognito mode to get a list of pages with mentions of your brand.
  2. If the content with your brand’s mention has no link, contact the webmaster. Usually, it’s easy to get the link (especially, the nofollow one).
  3. You can always keep up the conversation in the comments – it doesn’t take much time, but provides some positive results. Firstly, the content with social signals is ranking higher. Secondly it’s important to communicate with the potential clients.

Free content creation

Let’s concentrate on the most effective and simple ways of creating user-generated content, as well as the rules for working with it.


Comments helps to generate additional semantics, including slang queries, errors, double spaces that are certainly not used on your page.  You can also get an additional trust from the search engines – they “see” that your pages are constantly updated and the content is interesting to the users. In addition, the comments help to increase the user average session time and, as a result, your site’s ranking.


  1. No one wants to waste time on filling in extra forms to register on your website. Want to get a valuable content from your users — give them the possibility to comment an article via social network authorization.
  1. If you use the Disqus widget we recommend closing this link from indexing. Even a trusted resource can damage SEO in case it has the end-to-end links throughout your site.

Custom photos

user generated content

Sites with featured UGC saw a 20% increase in return visitors and up to 90% increase on the time spent on the site. 87% of brands use UGC in order to share “authentic content” and 72% believe (correctly) that it helps them get their audience engaged. Amazing numbers, don’t you think?

Let’s consider an example of a beauty supply company that successfully use the user-generated content. The Beauty Board section on their site curates customer photos and shows what products they are wearing. As a result, the brand receives a unique content and increases product sales by featuring genuine customers as their models. In addition, people start looking for their friends, increasing the time spent on site and the involvement.

User reviews

user generated content

All online stores have one problem – lack of unique product description. Why is it so difficult to get them? Simply because a lot of ecommerce businesses are using dropshipping or sell the same goods. Another good example – Amazon – got ahead of these problems by allowing users to add their own reviews or comments. At the top of any product page, you’ll immediately see the average number of stars an item was given, along with a link to read the reviews.

As a result, Amazon successfully promotes not only the categories (which is standard for online stores), but the product pages as well, and gets valuable feedback from the customers. Brilliant!


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  1. Unlinked brand mentions can be a huge SEO win. Usually a webmaster has no problem adding the link. Be on the lookout for any mention of the brand, company, products, services, or prominent employees.

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