Kristina Green
May 11, 2018 | 2 min read

New month – new updates. This time around it’s all about our Marketing plan.

The Marketing plan is designed to structure and optimize the work of both the SEO newbies and professionals. Since an SEO is a fast-changing field and it’s crucial to keep up with its progress, we’ve completely updated the Plan’s structure and content.

What did we add?

  • We’ve updated the list of necessary steps. Now the plan offers 44 tasks including the on- and off-site optimization sections, content development strategy, mobile optimization, and social media approach. We’ve refreshed the instructions and added references to every point.
  • New structure: now every step explains what it’s all about, why it is important for SEO and how to complete the task. Furthermore, each task is enriched with the links to relevant publications.


  • We’ve improved the on-site optimization section, adding the info about technical settings. Each of the items is supported by a link to official instructions from Google, Yahoo or Bing. This section now also provides an information on HTTP status codes with a detailed clarification of their meaning; you’ll also see items explaining how (and why) you need to move your site from HTTP to HTTPS; steps describing different types of redirects, clarifications about the .hreflang attribute purpose, and many other important technical SEO issues explained.
  • We have added sections related to content strategy, mobile optimization and social media marketing. These sections contain the list of necessary steps as well as the tips and insights with best practice advices for each of them.

marketing plan se ranking

You can follow our directions or set your own tasks – our new Marketing plan is efficient and flexible at the same time.

The new version of our Marketing plan is useful for all our users:

  1. SEO-newbies who just starting to learn the basics will appreciate the ‘how-to’ explanation provided for every point.
  2. To the delight of business owners, we’ve added the items on technical aspects of SEO and the tips on how to enhance content and social media strategy for the sake of better site rankings.
  3. Since the Marketing plan comprises the latest trends in the field, SEO professionals and agencies can derive useful information to complete their work better.  

Try it and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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