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Svetlana Shchehel

Blog with the latest news and best practices from SEO world
Svetlana Shchehel
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Svetlana is a content marketer and editor at SE Ranking. Her interests span across digital marketing, SEO, and translation. She regularly shares her expertise on the SE Ranking blog and across various marketing media. Svetlana believes that complex notions can be explained in plain words and loves creating immersive stories. Svetlana spends most of her evening hours learning new languages, planning memorable trips, and petting her cat.
Digital Marketing
Jun 30, 2021

Why are your existing customers more valuable than new ones?

In e-commerce marketing, the focus always falls on new customer acquisition. However, to keep growing in a sustainable way, a business should be focusing on the clients who already have ordered from you. In this post, we explore why existing customers are so important to e-commerce businesses and offer practical tips on how you can work with them.
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SEO Strategy
Jun 25, 2021

Using the power of internal linking

The power of internal linking is often underestimated. And still, a killer internal linking strategy may bring you closer to reaching your goals. In this post, we'll explain why internal linking matters and how you can get the most out of it.
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Digital Marketing
May 13, 2021

What does SEO stand for in marketing

Marketers always keep looking for new more efficient ways of promoting their brand but often ignore SEO-related opportunities. Learn how introducing SEO to your marketing mix can help you gain visibility in search and build a sustainable acquisition strategy.
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SE Ranking News
Apr 13, 2021

SE Ranking’s new Website Audit: blazing fast and customizable solution that checks every issue that matters

Please, welcome Website Audit 2.0—it crawls 1000 pages in just 2 minutes, checks every page against 110 parameters, adjusts to your needs, and offers ready-made solutions for detected issues. Learn what to expect from the new tool, where to look for your past audits, and how we plan to upgrade the auditing tool in the future.
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Technical SEO
Mar 31, 2021

How to create an XML sitemap: a guide to successful SEO mapping

Most of the time search robots explore your site by naturally following links. Still, if you want crawlers to find all your website pages that matter, you'd better use an XML sitemap. Learn which pages to include in your sitemap, which is the easiest way to create one and how to submit your sitemap to Google.
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