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Stasia is the brand communications manager at SE Ranking. Before assuming this role, she was actually a part of our content team for several years and still continues to write for our blog every now and then. Given the experience under her belt, you are welcome to ask her anything you want about our platform, content marketing, communications, and even philosophy. That’s right, Stasia has a PhD in Philosophy and can professionally explain complex things in simple words.
Digital Marketing
Oct 31, 2019

The past, the present, and the future of video advertising

Have you ever wondered if video is going through a renaissance? Streaming platforms are pushing out television. YouTube creators are becoming as famous as Hollywood celebrities. And video advertising is taking on a new dimension. You’ve made the right call when you decided to board the video revival train as it's the talk of the town now. In this article, we’ll shed light on the history of video ads and give you tips on how to make your videos work today and in the future.
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SEO Strategy
Jul 05, 2019

The hidden treasures of Bing search that you can benefit from

Over 30 percent of desktop searches are driven by Microsoft. In other words, if we ignore Bing optimization, we can miss out on quite a bit of traffic. This post is about SEO for Bing. We'll discuss how popular this search engine is, figure out its specifics and detail how to optimize a website for it.
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Google SERP
Nov 20, 2018

Unpacking SEO for the Google Local Pack

The Local Pack appears in almost 30 percent of all the first page SERPs, making it one of the most frequently displayed SERP feature. Given the presence of the Local Finder on the first SERP, we tend to skip the organic results since the block gives us all the info we need right away. This post explains what the Local 3-Pack is and how to get ranked in it.
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Google SERP
Oct 10, 2018

How Google’s personalized search works

Google's personalized search puzzles users who want to get a clear picture on their websites' rankings. In this post, we explain why positions in Ranking Trackers can vary from the ones you see in Google and give tips on how to try to neutralize Google's personalization factors.
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SEO Strategy
Jul 09, 2018

5 vital things to know about local SEO for bars and restaurants

Local SEO is critical especially for the brick and mortar businesses that want to be visible online. It’s precisely what you need if you own a bar or a restaurant and want people to find you on Google. These 5 tips will help you get things going for promoting your place in a local search.
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