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Julia is an experienced marketer who helps businesses grow. She shares her expertise by writing insightful articles on various aspects of website promotion.
Link Building
Jan 30, 2019

6 Types of backlinks that Google disregards

Not all of the backlinks that are oh so hard to get are actually valuable – some of them (or a lot!) Google will simply disregard. Which ones are those? Are you focusing your effort on the right type of backlinks? Let’s dive deeper and see what types of backlinks are not worth your while.
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SE Ranking News
Jan 03, 2019

WebSummit as it is, or why you need to put this event on your marketing roadmap

This year was our second year at participating in WebSummit, and from the very beginning this conference became a turning point in incorporating events into our marketing roadmap. So let’s review what’s been working (and not working) for us so far at WebSummit which might help you to make a decision on whether this particular gathering is your cup of tea.
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Digital Marketing
Nov 07, 2018

GDPR: The whats and how-tos

In May of 2018, the GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation was put into action in the European Union. This regulation has tightened Europe's already strict laws about what businesses can and can’t do with people’s data. In return, it gives people more control over how their information is collected and used as companies have to make sure that all of their actions with it are justified.
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SE Ranking News
Apr 27, 2018

WebSummit: dos and dont’s

Last year SE Ranking went to WebSummit as a beta startup. It is definitely an enriching experience but you have to get a lot of things ready before the event if you want to enjoy it as well as get some return out of it.
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