SE Ranking API v2 Description

All methods are accessed via: Any incoming and outgoing data is in UTF-8 encoding. All API calls should be made with HTTPS, if no specified, request method is GET. The result of calling any method is the array in JSON format. While sending data by POST request, all the data should be JSON encoded string in 'data' element of POST body, i.e. data == {"param1":"value1","param2":"value2"} In each method, except the login, must be passed access-token (GET-parameter - "token"), that received upon a successful login. While calling any method you should specify its name in GET-parameter "method". The order of parameters doesn't matter. If call to method was unsuccessful, HTTP response code won’t be equal 200 (for example, 403 with the wrong login or password) + you will get the response ({"message": "description"}). Here is the description of each method.

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